Sunday, September 24, 2006

When a bad dream is a good dream

This morning I slept until 9:15, unusually late only because Kadi and Butch normally wake me up well before then. As often happens when I sleep late, I had a recurrent dream, one I've had so many times previously I couldn't begin to count them. Some of you have probably had this one, too.

It's an extremely frustrating dream in which I have to go to the bathroom and can't find one to use. I'll walk into the bathroom in someone's home and find a little sign on the toilet saying, "Out of order, please don't use." I'll stop to use the restroom in a public place, but there won't be a door on the stall, and other people will be in there. I'll find a toilet that's private enough to suit me, only to discover that the last person to use it peed all over the seat.

Obstacles like those I mentioned in the last paragraph occur almost every time I have this dream, but other versions of the dream have featured some really bizarre obstacles. One time, I stood in line to use the only toilet available at an elegant catering hall. The man who appeared to be in charge of things (judging by his tuxedo and my internal dream translator) said the banquet wasn't due to start for another half hour, so it was okay to use the facilities until guests arrived. All the people in line ahead of me went through the door and used the bathroom with no apparent problem. When it was my turn, however, I was shocked to discover that the toilet was set up in plain sight, right in the center of dozens of white-clothed, centerpiece-topped tables. Still, I needed to go so badly that I stepped up and began to lift my skirt in preparation to do the deed. Wouldn't you know it? Waiters bearing trays of water glasses began pouring into the room. I straightened my skirt and made a hasty exit, feeling more desperate than ever.

In this morning's version, it was my husband who repeatedly required my assistance with one damned thing or another just as I was about to get to a usable bathroom. My husband in this dream was capably played by a young Tom Selleck. I suppose my subconscious mind must have plucked him from a recent news item about his affiliation with the National Rifle Association. Whatever. I'm still annoyed with him as I write this.

I figured out a long time ago what this dream-theme means, and Edgar Cayce's website confirms it: "...very often...we have dreams that correspond to physiological sensations. For example, very often people dream that they have to use a restroom, only to awaken and discover that they literally have to use the restroom. Because we have been taught that it is only appropriate to go to the bathroom in certain places, the dream imagery shows the dreamer inappropriate places because it would certainly be inappropriate to go while asleep."

This is not my favorite recurring dream, by any means, but I -- and my clean, dry sheets -- have learned to appreciate it.


  1. I've always felt dreams were just messages from the untapped parts of my mind. When I was expecting my first daughter we wanted a boy in the worst way. Every night for seven months I dreamed of the delivery, the nurse coming in with a baby bundled in a blue blanket,but when I pushed back the blanket, the baby was cartoon dead (with the x's on his eyes). Unnerving for a young mother, but a clear message You're having a GIRL!

  2. I must admit I've woken up from a dream where I needed to pee, actually needing a pee.

    As you say, it does keep the bed dry. :D

  3. Funny how the mind works isn't it? I've had those needing to go dreams but not with the vivid embarrassment in your dreams, more like tc a wake-up call! Thanks for the link. :)

  4. i had dreams like that when i was a child and would wake up when i peed the bed.

  5. I can't remember any long potty dreams like that, but I do know that whatever I'm dreaming about gets interrupted with a totally inappropriate (to the dream) peeing scene. Then I wake up and have to pee.

    I'm just thankful the dreams don't end in a #2!

  6. Gee, I rarely remember my dreams. But maybe that's a GOOD thing?!

  7. My friend, I have to tell you that I am watching the Saints game right now and am - figuratively - doing handstands and cartwheels of joy. Just the mojo needed. (It's about darn time for some happy!)

  8. Kat, I have to admit that the x's for eyes is a funny image, though I'd imagine "unnerving" is an understatement.

    TC, Sandy, and Janet: I'm sure this dream is a wake-up call for me, too, only I fight waking up long enough to dream through a bunch of unusual scenarios.

    Patsy, I was a kid when I had the first dream of this type, only in that first dream I found a toilet, sat on it and did my business -- waking up in the process of wetting the bed. I like the dreams where I can't find a toilet MUCH better.

    Sunflower, I've heard it said that the dreams we remember are those we dream just before we awaken. This particular dream, fortunately, always wake me up.

    Duly Inspired, the Saints were marchin' in last night for sure!


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