Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Not a moment too soon

There was the merest touch of a chill in the air this morning, not cold by anyone's standards, but cool enough to make South Louisiana a nicer place to be. I'm immensely grateful for a day of relief from months of sweltering heat.

Fall has always been my favorite time of the year. The autumn colors of my childhood turned out to be what I'd miss most about Missouri, especially the brilliant red of one particular front-yard maple tree. We don't get colors like that down here. In another month or so, though, subtle, muted shades of red and gold will begin to creep into the green that currently lines our highways. Our Cajun-country leaves will give it their best shot.

For now, I'm content to measure the changing of the seasons by my changing temperament, casting off summer's irritability and embracing the opportunity to breathe cool, fresh air. I love being able to open the windows and let some of that freshness inside. It's also pretty nice to walk the ten steps from the door of my house to my parked car without breaking a sweat.

Even the dogs seem to notice the difference. When I was home for lunch today, Kadi was friskier than I've seen her in months. Tail wagging, she dropped onto her doggy-equivalent of elbows, hind end high in the air, and engaged the tag team of Lucy and Winston in a vigorous wrestling match. Kadi hasn't played with the pups so enthusiastically since last March, when this photo was taken, before the hot weather set in. But today was glorious -- a wrestling kind of a day.


  1. me and kadi like the coorer weather, betty deleted her blogg can't say more sorry.

  2. shoulds say cooler weather. sorry

  3. The dogs sure perk up when the weather cools down, huh? Spot's still asking where the air conditioning is. He'll ask about it even in January. When I win the lottery he'll have his own air-conditioned doghouse...till then he'll have to put up with what we want the temperature to be in the house. ;-)

  4. The fall is absolutely my favorite - I just love the brilliant colors, drool, drool. Sweater weather is just my speed. The only thing I don't like is it gets dark way too early.

    I'll take some shots when the trees turn, Velvet - maybe they will remind you of MO.

  5. I remember what a relief it was when the weather broke in LA. Beautifully written, I need to go call my sister now, you've made me homesick (she lives in Harvey).

  6. Patsy, please tell Betty I enjoyed her blog and will miss her frequent posts. Maybe one of these days she'll be in a position to do it all again.

    Janet, you might have control of the thermostat, but you can't blame Spot for letting you know his A/C preference. I always told my kids, "Ask for what you want. You may not get it, but if nobody knows you want it, you for sure won't get it."

    Sunflower, bring on the fall photos! I bet the trees are beautiful where you are.

    Kat, sisters rank even higher than autumn on my list of good things; glad this post reminded you of your sis.


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