Thursday, September 07, 2006

Sleepover company

I have a couple of houseguests for the next nine days, youngsters whose mom has never left them overnight before. I must say they're doing better than I'd expected. These kids spend a lot of time here under normal circumstances, so they're familiar with the household rules, but they're still young enough to hope I won't notice if they break them now and then.

While I worked yesterday, I left them with a couple of senior citizens who don't hesitate to alert me if something displeases them. Everybody seemed very happy when I got home, and nothing was out of place except the little ones' toys. Same thing again today. So far, so good.

Bedtime last night was a little challenging. The young'uns couldn't decide whether to sleep in the guest room, where they've stayed before with their mom, or in my bed. To be honest, I didn't care one way or the other; I just wanted them to make a decision, stop jumping in and out of my bed, and settle down. Fortunately, that happened soon after I closed my book and turned off the light.

In case you haven't figured it out yet, my houseguests are my granddogs, Lucy and Winston, whose mom jetted out of town early yesterday. Have a wonderful time with your friends, Kim, and don't worry about your babies. Kadi, Butch, and I have it all under control.


  1. You know what's funny?

    I looked at the picture before I read the story, but I was still suprised when I got to the end of it.


  2. i don't guess i broke mikes blog but i have been enjoying his company a lot. he is great fun. blue humor doesn't bother me at all i am sure no matter what he says i have heard worse.

  3. i just pulled up mikes blog so get back on tell him you like his blog someone has posted a comment that was real ruff. they didn't leave their name. cowards

  4. Aw they are gorgeous ~ getting all broody now :p
    I love stayovers. :)

  5. Chaptechie, thanks for stopping by, and you're right, that IS funny. The good news is, you could probably watch a movie like "The Sixth Sense" over and over and be surprised at the ending every single time.;-)

    Patsy, that anonymous comment was already on his blog before I tried to post mine. Maybe he had enough and turned off his comments feature after that one. I absolutely detest people who try to tell others what they can or can't write on their own blogs. If I read a blog I don't like, I just go away and don't go back again. Some people just feel like they have the right control the world. Grrrrr!

    Sandy, aren't they pretty? And they're being so sweet and good I almost can't believe it.

  6. aww, adorable! Do you spoil them?

  7. I wish my mother were a dog person. Kim's lucky.


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