Monday, August 14, 2006

Slow news day

One might think I could get a job for Inside Edition, as adept as I'm becoming at repackaging the same news and stretching it out over several days. There's nothing exciting or original about this blog entry, but feel free to "stay tuned for recent developments" in my rather bland existence.

The vet called today and said, "Kadi's test results were good; she doesn't have Cushing's disease." Now, that was good news, but we aren't out of the woods yet. I have to take her back next Tuesday for an abdominal ultrasound. They're still trying to find some reason for the abnormal results on her initial blood test.

Still no electrical power at the office today. I stayed there until just before noon, by which time my hair and clothes were soaked with sweat and I smelled like I'd been running a marathon. (That should probably read "like I think I'd smell after running a marathon"; it's a lot easier for me to imagine the smell than it is to imagine the running.) The electricians had completed repairs of the wiring on the building, but the city inspector still had to come out and give his stamp of approval before the electric company could connect their power line (which they'd left hanging in a nearby tree) to the box.

This afternoon at 2:30, while I was stretched out on the recliner with a book, I got a phone call saying that the power had been restored. I did the right thing and called my boss at home to tell him the news, and he did what I was hoping he'd do and said it was too late to try to save the day. That was all I needed to hear. I put down the book and took a nap.

There'll still be telephone system issues to tackle tomorrow morning, but at least we'll be cool and comfortable and can start getting our ducks in a row.


  1. that's good news about Kadi! Hope they find out what's wrong. In the meantime, is she acting any different?

  2. Janet, she's been drinking a LOT of water and panting way more than normal, which could be expected this time of the year if she were an outside dog--but she's not. Other than those two things, she seems fine. No change in appetite, weight, behavior, activity level, etc. She appears to feel just fine. Thanks for asking.

  3. Thank goodness it's not Cushing's. I was wondering if that's what you were having her tested for. I had my Barney tested for it because of his increased appetite and thirst as well as a high liver level, but it turns out he's just a pig. LOL. I hope they get to the bottom of her weird blood levels.

  4. I find it interesting how fast our world has become, and just how much we rely on technology that our grandparents didn't even dream of! (Ok, some of them did, or we wouldn't have it, but you get my drift!)Sometimes, unexpected accidents are just the thing to slow us down a bit. Aside from the marathon smell, I hope that you enjoyed the slow days that this unexpected accident brought your way! (And I hope that tomorrow's mess doesn't steal the joy of the slow days!) Peace~Katie

  5. PS....blood tests could be wrong.....or have gotten mixed up....or the condition spontaneously corrected itself. Possibly a new blood test would be less expensive than more complicated tests? Just a thought!

  6. First off, sigh of relief :) Good girl, Kadi :) Fingers crossed again. :)
    Next great photo, Velvet speaks volumes. :-)
    Well you've had your rest, now back to the grind in your cool a/c, hope the backlog is all sorted out in a breeze.

  7. I always wondered what that phrase meant...

  8. Javagirl, how long ago was Barney tested, and is he still doing okay?

    Katie, you're right about the technology. I've automated everything I can at that office, which is wonderful on a normal day, but shut me down fast when the power went out. I would have enjoyed my time off more if I hadn't been worried that they'd fix it the minute I changed into comfy clothes.

    Thanks for mentioning other possibilities in regard to Kadi's blood test; I'll ask the vet to consider what else could be going on.

    TC, I looked up the etymology of "ducks in a row" and found everything from bowling (with "duckpins") to actual ducks flying in formation. I do have one or two photos taken on the same day that show a couple of ducks in complete disarray. But nobody ever mentions those ducks.

  9. He was tested back in April, I think. He had the more extensive test, where they have to keep him for the day, because the first (molecular weight) test didn't rule it out completely. He was having seizures (has epilepsy) and his liver levels were 150 or so. I think I have a bit of hypochondria by proxy so I may have been seeing symptoms (hunger, thirst) because my friend's dog was diagnosed. Keep us posted on Kadi. I'm thinking positive thoughts for her.

  10. Thanks, javagirl. Nothing like that is going on with Kadi, so I'm cautiously optimistic. And I'm glad Barney's okay; sounds like the epilepsy is enough for him to have to deal with.


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