Friday, August 04, 2006

He's baaaaaack!

Arriving home from work yesterday, I stopped my car at the end of the driveway to check the mailbox and noticed my son-in-law's pickup truck parked by my house. About that time I saw him in the backyard, passing by on the riding mower. And about three feet behind him, I saw this guy:

This is the first time I've seen the peacock since the long visit I posted about back in June. The hen hasn't been around, either. We're at least a month past the incubation period for peacock eggs (according to various Internet sources), so I guess the nest full of "peababies" I'd hoped to see didn't exist--at least not nearby.

When my son-in-law stopped the mower, I commented, "Looks like you had some help back there."

"I did," he said, "and he's been following me like a dog."

The peacock stuck around for a while, looking for goodies in the fresh-cut grass. I, having learned my lesson with last week's grass-allergy problems, didn't go out to play with him this time. But you can bet I have fresh batteries in the camera in case he comes around over the weekend.


  1. Wonderful Velvet maybe he was collecting grubs for the family? Maybe he'll surprise you and bring them around later. Keep those batteries at hand. :) Great photo.

  2. Thanks, mizmarbie. Hope you'll come again.

    Sandy, thanks. Wouldn't that be a wonderful surprise?

  3. i love that bird. hope he is a popa soon.

  4. aww, following the lawn mower! Hope he brings his kids next time!


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