Monday, February 20, 2006

Linkin' bLogs (little pieces of people's lives that all fit together)

Writing an online journal is a new experience for me (less than a month now), and I'm learning as I go. Yesterday afternoon was devoted to figuring out how to add links to my posts. It turned out to be more difficult than I expected. My daughter says I'm probably overlooking some easy-link feature available on the blog host, and I'm sure she's right, but in the meantime I'm cutting, pasting and editing code. Jeez, this HTML stuff is picky about having every little character exactly where it's supposed to be. Anyway, I managed to do it, and I'm especially happy that I was able to post links (at left) to share with you some of the sites I never miss .

The first blog I ever read was "Inspired Work of Self Indulgence," which was brand new when I stumbled across it through a Google keyword search. Alison, who writes it, hooked me immediately with her vivid word-pictures and her gift for drawing the reader into her emotions and experiences. A little of that made me want lots more, so I searched out lists of popular blogs and became an instant fan of "Dooce," "Laid-Off Dad," and "Finslippy." (Jen, I think you will especially like those.) "PostSecret" is another one I find fascinating. It's updated every Sunday, and if you're the least bit nosy about other people's private thoughts, you should find it interesting. The other two links are to sites that are new to me, but I like what I've seen and will definitely keep going back.

After careful consideration and a discussion with my daughter, I decided not to post a link to her website, which is also a favorite of mine. She's identified by name on her site, which is related to her work, so if I were to post a link, she could no longer be that anonymous woman-child I can write about so freely on these pages. (I'm only explaining this so family members who see my links won't think I'm overlooking her.)

The blogs I've included on my "Links" list all have a few things in common: The writing is excellent, the photos are beautiful, and they will move you in one way or another. They may make you laugh, or they may make you cry. Either way, you'll feel richer for having read them.