Saturday, October 06, 2012

What to Do on a Saturday

The choices might seem endless, but it's rather easy to narrow them down. Right off the bat I can rule out any kind of fun activity away from home, because I'm pretty sure that all of the people I might choose to accompany me on any kind of Saturday morning adventure have already immersed themselves in weekend chores and errands or in spending quality time with their significant others.

As for solo activities, there's no place I really need or want to go by myself today. I ran all my errands earlier in the week, so I can cross those off my list. I could go shopping, I suppose, but the only places I enjoy shopping just for the fun of it are bookstores, office supply stores, and craft and hobby shops, all of which feed my addictive hobbies and take a bite out of my budget.

That brings me to the hobbies themselves. I've already spent time browsing the Internet this morning, so, even though I'll probably do it again later, it's an uninteresting prospect at the moment. I always enjoy photo-editing, genealogy research, reading, and working jigsaw puzzles or logic puzzles, but I do those things all the time. They're low-energy activities, and I'm feeling a little peppy today.

I could do housework, of course; the need for that never ends. Running the vacuum cleaner would be an excellent use of my time, but the weather is supposed to cool off late tonight, which means I might open my windows tomorrow. If so, then more dust could blow in, so what's the sense in vacuuming now?

Levi desperately needs a haircut. This would be a good day to do that, but it usually takes me three to four hours, and I have to keep Gimpy in his crate the entire time. Otherwise, he pops up every five minutes and tempts Levi with a tennis ball. I actually kind of enjoy the haircutting experience, but I hate to ruin Levi's day. And Gimpy's.

My own hair could use a trim, too. Maybe I'll get out my barber scissors and cut off an inch of split ends. After that I'll need to shower away all the prickly hair stubs that have fallen on my shoulders. Once I've showered and dressed in clean clothes, I'll be ready to go out and do something fun--that is, if something fun should come to mind between now and then. Being all fresh and clean, I wouldn't want to do anything that would make me break a sweat.

It used to be simple to decide how to spend a Saturday. I loved that first free day after the work week, loved the idea that my time was my own and I was free to do with it whatever I wanted. I'm certainly not complaining, but now that I'm retired, Saturday doesn't seem special anymore. I kind of miss that.


After briefly browsing my iTunes collection for a Saturday Song Selection that fits today's post, I quickly gave up (because that's just the kind of mood I'm in) and went directly to YouTube, where I searched for songs about, well, Saturday. There are quite a few of them. I've never heard this particular one before, but I thought its melody was prettier than any of the other Saturday-themed songs I found. Also, its lyrics are simple and a bit confusing, much like my own thought processes today. A perfect choice.


The song is "Saturday" by Sparklehorse.
Thanks to 893TheCurrent for posting this video on YouTube.
Click here for the lyrics.


  1. What I wouldn't give to have you as a next door neighbor, and I mean that:)

  2. Sandy, that would be great. We'd have a lot of fun.


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