Sunday, October 28, 2012

What I've Been Reading

Home Safe
by Elizabeth Berg
A pleasant enough way to spend a few hours.

True to Form
by Elizabeth Berg
I loved this book! Its many cultural references to the days of my own youth helped me identify to its protagonist, Katie, and Katie's story reminded me that, even in simpler times, life could get complicated.

Red Bones
by Ann Cleeves
My one-word opinion:  tedious.

The Bodies Left Behind
by Jeffery Deaver
Jeffery Deaver is one of my favorite story-tellers, and in this book I enjoyed the thrill of attempting to escape from killers. On foot. Through dark and scary woods.

The Litigators
by John Grisham
This book is a fun read and would probably be even more fun as a movie. I hope it becomes one.

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