Saturday, October 13, 2012

At number one this week is . . .

By the time Saturday rolls around I've usually thought of a story to tell you and scouted out a music video that somehow ties in with the story. This morning, however, I came up empty-handed. Or empty-headed.

I decided to look through my iTunes playlists to see if maybe a song title would remind me of a story I hadn't shared with you, but it's early still, and my brain tends to stay in sleep mode until my body has been up and around for a couple hours. With no song popping out at me, it occurred to me to re-sort the list and see which tune I've played the most.

The top of the list surprised me. If you'd asked me to quickly name my favorite songs, I wouldn't have thought of this one. It's usually a song's lyrics that make it special to me, and this particular tune is an instrumental. If you'd asked specifically about instrumentals, though, I would have named this one for sure.

This song first blipped on my radar screen when the two talented brothers who wrote it performed it on a TV talent show, and I waited what seems like forever for it to be recorded and available for download. Under the circumstances by which it was chosen for today's post, the name of the song couldn't possibly be more appropriate.

May I present, for your listening pleasure: "Winner."


The song is "Winner" by Nuttin' But Stringz.
Thanks to DjSpardaRS for posting this video on YouTube.


  1. Hi Velvet, I hope you are well.

    I wanted to tell you I've got a Frosty Paws giveaway on my blog going on! I know the boys would love it!

    Hope you'll pop by!

  2. Thanks, Holly. I did drop by and enjoyed reading your recent posts (I had fallen behind).

    I'm sure Levi and Gimpy would love the Frosty Paws, but since they've never had them--and they're not rescue dogs--I'm afraid we don't qualify for the giveaway. Good luck to you and to those who win them, though.


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