Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Waiting for Isaac

It was a typical lazy Sunday until shortly after one p.m., when my daughter Kelli called and told me that Tropical Storm Isaac had changed its course and was headed straight for us. Within minutes after that phone call ended, I was stopped at a gas station, filling up my tank.

The next stop was Walmart, where I thought I'd get a head start on hurricane preparation. The store was packed with other people who had the same idea. Luckily, I arrived in time to get some bottled water. I also snagged some non-perishable food, but only because I'm willing to eat tuna for several days in a row rather than starve. Tuna was pretty much all the non-perishable meat they had left, so I bought five pouches of it. I also found a couple of cans of pork and beans, some peaches and pineapple chunks, peanut butter, sugar-free strawberry preserves, and the last loaf of whole-wheat bread.

I needed batteries, too, but they were out of the size I needed most. I eavesdropped as a clerk told another customer that there was a relief truck on its way and they would have more emergency supplies on Monday. That turned out to be true, so Kim picked up lantern batteries yesterday.

Monday morning I ran errands to check a few more things off my list:
* cash (ATMs and debit cards don't work if the power is out);
* ice (to store in the freezer and transfer to an ice chest when the power goes out);
* library books (in case there's no TV or computer for entertainment);
* a new car charger for my cell phone.

That last item turned out to be a tough one. I went to several places to try to find one, but it turns out they don't make them anymore for my model of cell phone. I gave up and went home without it, knowing that meant I could only depend on staying in touch with my family for a couple of days. I had bought a car charger the same day I bought the phone, but I had misplaced it months ago and have turned this house upside down trying to find it. Oddly, ten minutes after I got home from shopping for a replacement, I opened the drawer to my nightstand--a drawer I open at least once a week--and the charger was right there, sitting on top of a book. Thanks, Universe!

A little later in the day I used some ground meat that was in my refrigerator to make a dozen one-serving meat loaves. They're in the freezer now, and if/when the power goes out, they can thaw gradually in the ice chest. While those were in the oven, I put all my eggs on the stove to boil, then filled every nook and cranny in the refrigerator with bottled water and canned soft drinks. The tighter it's packed with cold things, the longer the perishables will stay cold.

Planning further ahead, I vacuumed all the floors. There'll be mud tracked in over the next few rainy days, but after the storm hits I may have to rely on a broom instead of the vacuum cleaner. Next, I changed into my oldest shorts and T-shirt and laundered everything else that needed it so I'd have enough clean clothes to wear for at least a week.

This morning (Tuesday), I dusted everything in the entire house, took a shower and shampooed my hair, and scheduled eight days' worth of  photo blog posts. I was shooting for two weeks' worth of new photos, just to be on the safe side, but quit when I lost the internet connection.

When I'm finished here, I'll be as ready as I can get. Kim is here with me, having arrived a short while ago with salisbury steak for our supper and a few more grocery items. She, along with her Lucy and Oliver, will wait out the storm with Levi, Gimpy, and me.

The dogs have been behaving a little strangely for the last day or two. Gimpy spent a lot more time in his crate yesterday than he usually does, and Levi was rather subdued, too. During the night they woke me up twice, Gimpy by calling me--"Wwrraawwrraamaamaaaaaaaa"--and Levi, a couple hours later, by standing on his hind legs at my bedside and licking my face. I'm wondering if they sense the storm in the atmosphere. This morning their strange behavior turned to frolic when they stepped outside into cooler air and stiff breezes that I enjoyed as much as they did.

Isaac is now officially a hurricane. It doesn't seem to be much of one in terms of its strength, but if it sits on top of us as long as is predicted, it'll be capable of doing some damage. Until the last possible minute, we'll still be hoping that we've done all that preparation for nothing.

So...Writing this blog post was the last item on my pre-storm to-do list. Until next time, I wish you all a gentle rain if you need it or fair weather if you don't.


  1. Sounds like you are safe for the duration. Hopefully the worst will only be lots of rain and mud. I am sure the dogs can sense the change in air pressure, plus new smells in the air. You all take care and let us know how it turns out.

  2. I hope you and your family fares well. I'll be thinking about you.

  3. What a long strange Hurricane this was! Hope you all made it through unscathed!

  4. Isaac has brought us rain.

  5. Isaac has brought us rain.

  6. Thanks for your good wishes, everyone. We made it through the storm safely and with minimal damage. Unfortunately, there are a lot of folks down here who can't say the same. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.


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