Tuesday, March 18, 2008

In my face

If you have just a minute, try a little experiment with me. Keep both eyes open, but cover one eye with the palm of your hand. Assuming you didn't cover your dominant eye, you can probably read the words on your computer monitor, but you can also see the shape of your open palm. It's as if your palm has become semi-transparent and you can read right through it.

Now, we're not finished, so if you've already taken your hand down, please put it back.

What I'd like you to do next is imagine that instead of looking at your monitor, you're looking at your television screen. And instead of seeing the shape of your palm over one eye, you're seeing a big dog head. Got that image? Great. The point of this experiment was to show you how I've been watching TV lately. It leaves something to be desired, doesn't it?

I don't know what the deal is, but both Butch and Kadi seem to have decided recently that lying on the sofa next to me isn't good enough. Instead, whichever one of them gets to the sofa first will sit upright, facing me and leaning in to hover directly in front of my face. I love them, but this kind of togetherness is driving me nuts!

Do you suppose my breath has the scent of liver or some other doggy delicacy? I haven't noticed any people backing away from me in an apparent sense of urgency, but I can't think of any other reason why the dogs need to have their heads so close to mine. Perhaps I should find a mouthwash that smells like something they find repugnant. Unfortunately, that's a really short list.

Nail clippers, maybe. Or bathwater.


  1. Whenever my dog hovers and I want a little space I just ask him if he would like to get a bath. He immediately goes to his own bed and lies quite still for a while.

  2. Spot likes to go and stand right in front of the television, covering the lower half of it, including the captions. He tends to do this when I'm really, really interested in something, like a news alert crawl across the screen. And when I yell at him to move, he wags his stumpy little tail and plays dumb. He knows full well what he's doing.

    Velvet, did you get the emails I've sent?

  3. Velvet,

    You had me howling in laughter the second I read "dog head." Which signaled to Mabel that Mommy isn't "working" on the computer! You ratted me out!

    What a funny post! Butch and Kadi are up to something...that's for certain!

    Annie...You are cruel! LOL! (Mind if I use that sometime?)

  4. Wonder what's up with those pups? I can just picture them lurking over you like Snoppy in the cartoons. Gotta love em! Carmon

  5. I thought you were going to do some sort of trick where after watching the tv and the palm, I'd turn to a blank wall and see an image of something or other... I did NOT expect a dog head. Ha!

  6. Ok, you got me, Velvet...I was expecting some kind of spiritual event, after I went through all that.

    I think maybe the dogs need reassurance that they are more important than the tv. Lol!

  7. When I'm trying to read, slouched back on my comfy couch, my rat terrier will position herself on my chest between my neck and my breasts, blocking my view of the book. I swear they know exactly what they are doing. I think they can read, write and understand everything we say...they just don't want us to know it. Matter of fact I wouldn't be surprised if they could talk. LOL

  8. Annie, that's brilliant! I'll use your technique for sure.

    Janet, my kids used to do the same thing Spot does. ;-) As for emails, I didn't get them. Don't know what's going on there.

    CreekHiker, I suspect the "dog head" in your house is even bigger than the ones that obscure my own vision.

    Carmon, Snoopy is a good example of Butch and Kadi's hovering pose.

    Duly Inspired, although I should know by now, I never expect a dog head either; one or the other just seems to pop up at inopportune times.

    Marion, I'm trying to teach my dogs that they deserve my undivided attention -- during commercials.

    GTS Val, I've seen my daughter's little dogs do the same thing yours does. I agree with you: they know EVERYTHING!


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