Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Snail trail on screen door

Last Saturday I huddled on the sofa with three chenille throws on top of me. The central heat was on, but I couldn't get warm. By Monday I was running the air conditioner. Today it's cooling off again, and I have no clue what kind of weather tomorrow will bring.

Whether it's cold or hot, the yard stays muddy here in the winter, and my outside photo opportunities are limited. That's why I appreciated this little guy, who sneaked inside the screen door and meandered into camera range while I stayed comfortable and dry in the house:

Looking at the snail's trail, it appears that he was headed up the door, then changed his mind and turned in another direction. Maybe he forgot something. Or maybe he was running from the camera.


  1. That is the coolest picture! Perhaps he's scared of heights.

  2. do the dogs like snails as an appetizer?

  3. Or maybe writing you a secret message? Did you use a macro setting for this?

  4. Janet, the dogs don't like them, actually. There's something in the grass that the dogs dig out and eat after a rain, but the snails can sit high and dry on the patio without being touched.

    Maxngabbie, the snail trail does look like it could have been the beginning of a message. I should have checked back a couple of hours later.

    This shot was taken on the auto setting with the zoom lens. I need to practice with the macro setting.

  5. I like this photo a lot, Velvet.

  6. Ooooo! Macro snail trail! You definitely have to do one of those. We don't have snails here so please indulge me next time one is leaving you a cryptic message! Carmon

  7. Spot digs something out of the ground too but I never see what it is. I've watched closely and can't figure it out, but he sure likes whatever it is!

  8. Annie and CreekHiker, to quote Elvis, "thankyouverymuch."

    Carmon, I'm doing something wrong with the macro setting, but I'll keep working with it until I figure it out. The problem is I'm working at it at a snail's pace.

    Janet, I've wondered if the dogs are digging up worms. I've seen earthworms in the driveway sometimes after a hard rain.


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