Friday, February 29, 2008

"Able to leap tall buildings... a single bound"

In honor of this date that comes only once every four years, I wanted to write something related to the word "leap." I thought about "leap of faith," "quantum leap," "look before you leap," and several other leap references, but nothing captured my interest or imagination until I remembered the phrase I've borrowed for the title of this post.

If you've spent any time with the music links on the left-hand side of this blog, you might have noticed that there are two Superman-themed songs in the group. I love both of these songs for slightly different reasons, but what they have in common is that they remind me of real people -- not superheroes.

The first (and older) one is Superman's Song. Can you think of someone in your life who gets up and goes to work each day, often without recognition or reward, because of a deep-seated desire to make things better for other people? I know someone like that. If you do, too, keep that person in mind while you listen to the lyrics. Or, if you prefer, you can read them.

MUSIC VIDEO: Superman's Song - Crash Test Dummies.

LYRICS: Superman's Song - Crash Test Dummies.

The second song is called It's Not Easy to Be Me, and it reminds me of someone I know who goes through life trying to be all things to all people. I watch him sometimes and think how tired he must get, and I wonder if he ever makes time for himself to just be, to think about who he is instead of what he believes other people expect him to be. I hope so.

MUSIC VIDEO: It's Not Easy to Be Me - Five for Fighting.

LYRICS: It's Not Easy to Be Me - Five for Fighting.

Connecting Superman to February 29th may be more of a stretch than a leap, but what can I say? My mind makes connections like that all the time.

I hope you enjoy the music.


  1. You and your ideas are well-connected! :-)

  2. I somehow connect Leap Year with a mental image of an illustration of Jack Be Nimble jumping over a candlestick. I'm sure a psychiatrist would have a field day with that one.

  3. Funny but those songs always made me think of real people too.

  4. Um, did you relapse? I hope you are okay and just busy.


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