Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Warm fuzzies

My beadmaker daughter, Kim, had company this past week in the person of Priss, another beadmaker who was once a frequent commenter here. I've missed her warmth, her wit and her intellect on this site, but let me assure you she's even better in person. What a pleasant, lovely human being! She's driving back home to Georgia tomorrow, and I wish her a safe journey.

I'm feeling happy tonight and wanted to write a happy blog entry, but to be honest, I've waited too late and I'm way too sleepy. (Still having a few problems with the energy thing, I guess.) I'll take my happy self to bed and incorporate some of those sweet feelings into my dreams.

For you, I'll send out some warm fuzzy feelings another way, through one of my favorite YouTube videos. Click on the link, settle back, feel the love.


  1. How very sweet! Thanks for sharing that one and glad you are getting some rest...Carmon

  2. That was just precious! Thanks.
    Take care Velvet.

  3. You were zapped by your illness, so it's good you are resting and giving yourself every chance to bounce back fully, Velvet.

  4. I always find that people who create with their hands are good folks - whether on-line or in person. And we KNOW most bloggers have hearts of gold!

  5. aw, thanks for the link-it left me feeling warm and fuzzy!


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