Saturday, May 26, 2007

Kadi's step-by-step guide to a perfect day

Kadi may be getting old, but she still knows how to have a good time. She asked me to pass these tips along to all the other dogs who read this blog:

Step 1: Convince your people to fill your pool. If your cuteness isn't enough to get the job done, try some heavy panting to prey on their sympathies.

Step 2: After they've filled the pool, test the temperature of the water.

Step 3: Have yourself a little drink. After all that panting, you'll need it.

Step 4: Ease yourself gently into the water.

Step 5: Relax for approximately 45 seconds.

Step 6: Stand up and make some waves.

Step 7: Step out of the pool and shake vigorously.

Step 8: Hurl your body to the ground.

Step 9: Roll around with reckless abandon.

Step 10: Race around the yard, stopping to pee at least twice along the way (this keeps the pool sanitary).

Repeat Steps 3-10 until you (or your people) are worn out and ready for a nap.


  1. I love pictures of dogs swimming and in water. My dogs hate water so much they walk around puddles. Kadi looks like she's sure having fun.

  2. some people have kiddy pools but you have a doggy pool.

  3. Okay, I want to grow up to be Kadi! That's my idea of a gooooood day. Carmon

  4. You know I was thinking about how some dogs are quide dogs...well, you may be the first guide owner. You job is to meet Kadi's needs. You are a obedience trained owner. Put your certificate in a frame!

  5. Javagirl, there were four dogs in the yard when Kadi went swimming, but she's the only one who liked the pool. It must be a breed thing.

    Patsy, I think my dogs are more spoiled than my kids were.

    Carmon, come on over. Kadi would be glad to have your company in the pool, and we have enough rawhide chews for everybody.

  6. Sister-Three, you're right. I've lived a good life, only to become a dog waitress in my old age. The dogs figured that out before you and I did.

  7. Velvet, That Kadi (along with Butch, Lucy & Winston) lives the high life for sure.

    Don't feel bad about being a dog waitress. I have a friend visiting and just last night, she commented on what a well-trained dog mommy I am. Say it loud and proud, Velvet!

  8. My dog, Dexter doesn't mind getting baths. He stands perfectly still while I bathe him but he is always glad when the bath is done. I don't think Dex would lay in a pool of water like Kadi but he would probably take a drink. Those pictures were so cute.

    I have to say that I am envious of your beautiful lawn. It looks like green velvet. I have too much crab grass in my yard.

  9. Oh, that is excellent, it looks like your dog was having a great time and I like the way she just lay down in the water. :)

    I'm jealous that your dogs needed a pool, it has rained non stop 24 hours here.

  10. we tried this once for our dog Shakespeare and all he would do was drink from it! he would play in the hose no problem but he would not get in the pool. we finally gave up on the idea.

    glad your dog enjoyes it!!


  11. What a life! Your dog has it made! I think he has to right idea about how to enjoy life. We'd probably all feel better if we followed in his 'paw'steps.

  12. What a devoted doggie Mommy you are and how great these pictures are! Whoever said, "Its a dog's life" hadn't met Kadi!

  13. Cheyenne is soooooooooo jealous. It has rained for the most part all weekend!

  14. This was great! Spot has a pool but the most he's ever done was stand in it with all four paws. I think he thinks it's a trick to get him to take a bath. Most of the time he will just drink from it, or stick a paw in and swirl the water. Maybe he needs to see Kadi's guide to having a good time!

  15. What a diary of a dog's happy life in summertime!

  16. I'm going to get my two dogs a pool...however did you get her to lie down like that?

    They get so hot when we have a heat wave. This will be great!

  17. I love your blog. I can't believe how much your dog looks like our dearly beloved ( now deceased) Emily. My husband thought I had posted pictures of her!


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