Thursday, May 31, 2007

Lost and found

LOST: My mind, very nearly. Work has been extraordinarily hectic. I've been arriving home physically exhausted and mentally drained. The physical tiredness is mostly centered in my neck and shoulders, the muscles I tend to clench tightly when I'm stressed. (Just FYI, I had neck-and-shoulder pain for almost the entire year of 1982. In January of '83, I broke up with my boyfriend. The pain miraculously went away about two days after he did.)

FOUND: A special locket I'd put in a "really safe place," a place so safe I couldn't remember it for several days. I'll write this weekend and tell you why it was important to find the locket.

LOST: A handful of old photos I've been trying to find for almost two years. They're some of my favorites, ones that I've pulled out and scanned to make copies for others. Unfortunately, those scans were on my last computer, the one that died, so I don't have backup copies. I usually keep my photos filed by decade, and I'd pulled some of the best ones from each file and put them all together in a folder so I could keep track of which ones I'd copied. I'm still hoping they'll turn up, but after searching for them for so long, I've run out of places to look. So far I've insisted on thinking of them as "misplaced." Now I'm beginning to move out of denial and consider the possibility that they might be lost for good. It breaks my heart.

FOUND: Two state quarters I didn't have yet. Yes, I collect them; don't ask me why. This is my ninth year of never paying for anything with exact change. Instead, I always round up to the nearest dollar, hoping each purchase will be the one that lands me a "wanted" quarter. (Let me assure any muggers reading this, you do NOT want to be hit by my very heavy purse.)

LOST: Any shred of interest I may have ever had in young, slutty, drug-or-alcohol-impaired celebrities. I will vote for whichever presidential candidate promises to banish news about Lindsay, Britney and Paris for at least a week.

FOUND: Lost, the ABC TV series that I ignored after the first episode, despite rave reviews. My daughter, a huge fan, recently acquired the first two seasons on DVD and left them here for me to watch. Initially I wasn't all that interested, but last Saturday night I settled in to try to figure out what I was missing. After a couple more episodes, I was hooked. I've already watched the entire first season and can't wait for the weekend to immerse myself in Season Two.


  1. Velvet, Darling post as always. I hope your mind moves to the "found" category soon. Holly

  2. We love the one about the young celebrities!! so true!!


  3. You'll find the photos when you're looking for something else. I find that I rarely find what I'm looking for but I manage to unearth something I thought was gone forever.

    Mom and I fight over the quarters. You should see us when we get takeout at the drive-thru and we fight over the change. I used to put them in a special place on my desk till I could find the state quarter book to push them into, but after my last cleaning blitz I forget where I put them.

    I'll vote for the person who promises to ban any news of those three for an entire year. And I'll campaign for him or her door-to-door.

    Let me know how you feel about LOST after the second season. I quit watching, I felt cheated when nothing came of that roaring they heard in the distance. I like weird, I liked "Twin Peaks", but I think LOST just lost its way. It didn't help that whenever I remembered when it was on, they had a rerun.

  4. I will keep my fingers crossed that your find those photos you've been missing. Perhaps in a book somewhere?

  5. i am alway putting thing where i wont lose them , then can't find them.imingian my delight when i ask my 20 something son once "where is your tyson ring"? and he replyed i don't know, i put it so as not to lose it now i can't remember where i put it.

  6. I lost a book...cried and cried. But I have it back again. There is hope for all things lost...I may tell about my lost book on my blog. You can read about it if you like...maybe tomorrow!
    Sis 3

  7. Holly, I've lost my mind a thousand times and always managed to find it again, which makes me think it must be attached by a string. Sometimes, instead of completely losing it, I just become "unstrung."

    Keepers, other than those three celebs themselves, I can't imagine anyone who isn't tired of hearing about them.

    Janet, I hope you're right about the photos turning up. As for LOST, I started the second season last night. So far, so good. I agree with you that it's weird, but I'm hoping the puzzle aspect of it will keep holding my interest.

    Annie, the last time I remember seeing those photos they were in a file folder on top of a bookcase next to my desk. I'll keep hoping, and I appreciate the crossed fingers.

    Patsy, I know just what you mean. When I do something that might signal a "senior moment," it's reassuring to see one of my children do the same thing.

    Sis 3, I hope you will tell about your lost book. I look forward to reading about it.


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