Thursday, January 18, 2007

This is my 300th post...

...according to Blogger. Had I paid attention to the number of my last post, I'd have tried to make this one worthy of the occasion. I would have selected a subject of universal interest, and I would have given special care to every single syllable and punctuation mark. Unfortunately for you, this one will run more along the lines of a holy-crap-it's-been-two-days-since-I-posted entry. So, without further ado, for my 300th post I'll show you a couple of photos and talk about the weather.

Last weekend I was running around in short-sleeved shirts and enjoying it immensely. My neighbor's roses enjoyed the warmer weather, too. They behaved as if it were entirely normal to bloom so boldly in the middle of January.

At the beginning of the new week, though, someone threw the weather switch and the temperature dropped forty degrees. I've been cold all the way to the bone since Tuesday, and today the dreaded rain is back.

There. All done. (I'll work a little harder on the next 300 posts.)


  1. Congratulations Velvet! I've enjoyed them all :-) This one was great, never fear! Those lovely roses where just the antidote I needed for our own plummeting temperatures. We were zipping along at a lovely and very unseasonable 50 - until we got zapped with temperatures in the 20s this week! Brrrr!

    Thanks for the reminder that we have spring to look forward to, at the end of all this cold.

  2. There's an old cemetary in Houston, Glenwood cemetary, that's by my house. It's a beautiful place, Live Oaks, Pin Oaks and Water Oaks, Crepe Murtles, and beautiful plots, statues, cherubs, moss. Howard Hughes is burried there. It's around the corner from my house and yesterday I drove through it (I do that at times because it's quiet and peaceful and I feel good there). At one family plot stood a gigantic rose tree (seriously, it was way too tall to be a bush). It was in full bloom, beautiful and red and alive. I thought it might be peonies but it was indeed roses. It stood out against its grey and dark green evergreen neighbors. I didn't have my camera but honestly I thought of you and the beautiful cemetaries in Louisiana. When I saw the rose photo of yours I was floored, felt connected. Happy 300 - yours is an awesome and humble talent. I'm so glad you've put pen to paper, or finger to keys as the case is.

  3. Velvet, This is quite an accomplishment. Not to mention those of us you've inspired to blog along with you. Thanks for a wonderful ride down your memory lanes!

    We're in the same boat here in Cali. It snowed in Malibu yesterday! And in spite of being in shorts a week ago, it is now blustery and cold every day. I cannot get warm and the wind is driving me bonkers! I could take the cold... but the wind is constant - I feel like my face is cracking.

    Here's to Velvet's 300th... and warmer days! Holly

  4. Last week we had rain, rain, rain.
    This week cold, cold, cold.

    Next week...I hope we have those

    Are the birds around? I wonder about the peacocks.

    I will try to read the next 300 posts.

    kbutc...the code of the day

    Sister 3--too lazy to sign in!

  5. Roses are never wrong.

    Happy Blogging Birthday, Velvet.

  6. Same story here on the weather! We're expecting our *fifth* snowstorm in six weeks to arrive this evening. Glad Mike's home and all is well here on the mountain. Carmon

  7. Happy 300th!

    oh, no, not more rain! More muddy paws to wipe, more dishpan hands! It might snow here this weekend, but if it doesn it won't be much (I hope).

  8. 300, wow, what an achievement! Those roses are so beautiful, I hope the sudden cold snap doesn't kill them.

  9. Sunflower, when I'm feeling cold and sorry for myself, I remind myself that it's colder where you are and yet you stay upbeat and positive. You've become my role model for optimism.

    Duly Inspired, I love the way life gives us little unexpected gifts--like the roses--that help us feel connected to others. As for my writing this blog, always remember that you were the inspiration for it. It was your words that breathed life into my own.

    Holly, I'm delighted that you decided to take the plunge into Blogdom. I always look forward to reading what you have to say.

    Sister-3, the peacocks haven't been around for months. I'm sure they're nearby (there's a bird sanctuary across the road), and I look forward to the next time they fly the coop.

    Annie, these roses have impressed me with their hardiness. I've always thought of them as fragile flowers.

    Carmon, your photos show how hauntingly beautiful the snow is on your mountain, but, honestly, aren't you getting sick of the extra chores it makes? I'm SO glad Mike is home to share the workload with you. Hugs to all.

    Janet, you're exactly right: More. Muddy. Paws! Kim's little dogs get wet feet but not muddy ones. Butch and Kadi, being heavier, sink right down through the grass and into the mud. Is it snowing there yet?

    Kat, the temperature hasn't dropped below freezing, and the roses seem to be holding their own (although I'm sure that if they could talk, they'd be complaining about the cold as much as I am).

  10. lovely roses. we have sleet and rain going to snow tonight . you are lucky!

  11. the roses are beautiful!!! even with the rain and cold you had the roses for a few days!

  12. No snow here yet-supposed to start around 4 am tomorrow. I'm on the next-to-last towel before I have to wash a load, so I hope the snow cancels out the mud.

  13. Patsy, you're right; I am lucky.

    Keepers and John, it's wonderful to have a nearby neighbor with a green thumb.

  14. Janet, I feel for you. I washed a full load of "dog towels" last night, and we've used half of them today.


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