Friday, January 26, 2007

Let the sun shine...

We've had two straight days of sunshine, and it couldn't have come at a better time. Everybody I know was feeling gloomy earlier in the week, worn down by endless rain and perpetually gray skies.

I've never been a sun worshiper (too fair skinned to stay out in it long), and I've never thought I had any traces of seasonal affective disorder. But now that I've seen what a dramatic difference a couple of sunny days have made in my mood, I'm beginning to wonder. Sun, if you had feet, I'd be kissing 'em today.

This is how the woods across the street from my house looked last week:

And this is how they look today. Even the trees seem to be happier.

The dogs have noticed the difference, too. It's nice for them to be able to stay in the yard for a while and visit their dog friends in the neighbors' yards on either side of us. The well-worn paths where they meet along the fence are still muddy. Two days of sunshine haven't eliminated the task of paw-washing, but I don't mind it so much when the pups have been outside long enough to enjoy themselves--and wear themselves out a bit.

Kadi tends to scout out spots in the yard that would be called puddles if it weren't for the grass growing in them, and then she lies down in the muddy water. Her belly gets washed almost as often as her feet.

As I cleaned her off this afternoon, I found a few tiny snails clinging to her fur. This is the first time I've seen the snails this year, although I remember them well from previous wet winters. They're dark grey, almost black, and about the size of baby green peas. They obviously live in the wet grass but like to vacation on large household pets.

Thanks to the sunshine, I feel as if I've been on vacation, too. It's been wonderful to get away from that dark, rainy place where I lived just days ago.


  1. The snow has been melting and leaving behind clayey mud. I just did a load of paw towels. I was starting complain in my head about the mud when Spot was playing but he looked so happy I shook myself-it's worth it. And the mud doesn't last forever.

    Glad to see a new post-I was wondering what happened to you yesterday.

  2. Light Deprivation Depression has plagued me since I left California when I was a kid. We have mostly ice still, but plenty of muddy boots, muddy paws, damp mittens and hats to remind me there's snow out there.

  3. Oh Velvet, my mom tells me there is a storm headed your way. Hope it doesn't last long. I would trade you some CA sunshine for a few inches of creek needs it! Holly

  4. I would never survive in an area that didn't get a lot of sunshine. New Mexico gets an average of 350 days of sunshine a year! When I worked in San Francisco, I would barely make it through the winters where it would either rain or be foggy for four months. Carmon

  5. Janet, I'm washing paw-towels as I write this and hoping I'm not sending any unnoticed snails to a soapy death.

    Kat, I didn't even think about muddy boots and wet mittens. I'll bet hand lotion is a precious commodity at your house right now.

    Holly, your mom was right: the rain is back. It's supposed to be just a storm passing through, with sunshine again tomorrow. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    Carmon, I think of San Francisco and the Napa Valley area as the most beautiful place I've ever visited. Until now I didn't realize I must have been lucky to go there at the right time of the year.

  6. hope the snails don't clog your washing machine!

  7. I LOVE the sun! In the winter I draw the shades by 4 pm so I don't have to watch it getting dark. If humans could hibernate during the winter, I'd be first on line.

    I still remember a stretch of rain we had when I was in college - nine days in a row. We just gave up after awhile - there was no way to dry off, everything was soaked.

    Glad you finally have some sunny days!

  8. Lovely sunshiney photo and yes, just listen to the birdsong when the sun comes out after a couple of grey days.

    Today was like spring here too. I spent the afternoon in the garden under blue skies and singing along with the birds. Beautiful - the weather, not my singing, alas. lol

  9. Janet, the snails are so tiny and their shells are so fragile that I don't think they'd clog the washing machine. I'd be more worried about them melting on the clothes. But it's only dog towels, right?

    Sunflower, hibernation holds a lot of appeal for me any time of the year, lol, but the rain sends that instinct into overdrive.

    Sandy, it's funny that you mentioned the birdsong, because that's the second thing I noticed--after the sunshine--when the rain stopped. They sounded as happy as I felt.


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