Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Is that a new wrinkle, Sis?

No, of couse not. My eyes are just not as good as they used to be, which, of course, is one of the many problems of aging.

My sister turns 60 years old today. I wish her the happiest birthday ever, and I couldn’t be happier about this special day. I realize she'll always be four years younger than I am, but it makes me feel better to know she's at least rolled over into the same decade.

Actually, "rolled over" is probably a poor choice of words. More than likely, she has glided gracefully across the line between 59 and 60. I used to think she'd go kicking and screaming across that line, but I didn’t give her enough credit. The years have been kind to her. She's young enough in heart, mind and body that she needn't worry about numbers.

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you've met my sister before, and you know how much she means to me. She's commented here, too, occasionally, first under our uncle's nickname for her:

Fatty Grubbs

and then under a screen name I suggested because I thought it suited her so much better:


Any resemblance to the “Fatty Grubbs” picture is long gone, but if I were to show you a photo of my sister today, you could still see plenty of “Splendorella” in her face.

Happy birthday, Sis, and welcome to a decade I think you'll find enjoyable. The calendar might declare you officially old, but everyone who knows you knows it isn’t true. You’re youthful and beautiful, inside and out, and I love you more than ever.


  1. Thanks, Sis, I love you too! My whole outlook on getting older changed somewhat at 50 but drastically on December 26, 1999. I now feel thankful and blessed for not only every birthday, but for each and every year and day that I wake up and know that God has given me the gift of that one more day. The skies look bluer, the sunsets more vivid and my glass is always half-full with life and love for my family and friends. So I am leaping over to this new decade feeling every bit the Splendorella I think I shall now call myself. If only I had a tiara and a tutu big enough I'd wear it all day just to celebrate how blessed I feel to still be here and to have the life I have.

    Love you bunches!!!


  2. Wishing Splendorella a magnificent year. I never knew the joy of having a sister - neither did my daughter. Brothers, we have. The luck of the draw, LOL. It sounds like having a sister would be wonderful.

    Sunflower here - been having trouble posting all day, thought I would try as Anonymous

  3. There's a lot of beauty in your family, Velvet!

  4. Happy Birthday, Splendorella. And how lucky you both are, Velvet. I don't know what I'd do without my sisters either. I like Splendorella's attitude, it's how I like to live my life, too. And faced with the alternative - getting old ain't so bad! :-)

  5. Patsy, they certainly are!

    Sis, that day in December (when our mother died) changed things for a lot of us. I just hung up from talking to you on the phone, so I know you're having a good birthday. Just wanted to say that if you managed to find a tiara and a tutu, I WANT PHOTOS!!! Love you!

    Sunflower, having a sister is a great thing. Brothers are pretty special, too, but I was almost 16 when my little brother was born, so he wasn't there for a lot of the memories my sister and I share.

    Annie, thank you. As a child, I kind of got the message that my sister was the pretty one and I was the smart one. I accepted that for a lot of years; then, when we were in our 50s, we took a long trip together and I realized she's smart as a whip. Who knew? LOL!

    Jackie, her positive attitude is what makes her so pleasant to be around. That and her wicked sense of humor.

  6. Happy Birthday to Splenderella! What a magnificent nickname. I love your posts about your sister, mine are so far away, I miss them.

  7. The only thing better than a sister is sisters (plural).

  8. Wishing Splendorella a very happy day indeed. My own sister is your age Velvet. She wanted a baby sister all her childhood and finally got me at age 22. She made absolutely certain we would be a part of one another's lives. Sisters are simply wonderous. Thanks for sharing yours with us!

  9. Kat, my sister lives in another state, so I don't see her often, but I feel closer to her now than I did when she slept in the next bed. I hope you hear from your sisters frequently.

    Sister-Three, you and your sisters make quite a team. It's fun to watch the interaction between the four of you online.

    Holly, with that much of an age difference, your sister must have felt like a second mom to you. What a blessing for both of you.

  10. Happy birthday! Wishing you great joy, excellent health, and many, many more! Carmon

  11. Happy Birthday, Splendorella! (a day late) I too want to see pictures of you in tutu and tiara.

  12. Thanks to all of you for the birthday wishes. Isn't my sister just wonderful? I feel like I know each of you because I read her blog daily which leads me, of course, to your blogs. You guys are a hoot! So thanks again.



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