Friday, July 11, 2014

Ten Minutes in a Sun Shower

South Louisiana's intense summer heat often produces late afternoon rainstorms. Yesterday's heavy rain would have been no different from that of any other day except that the sun never stopped shining. There's something about that phenomenon that I find particularly appealing: no dark, gloomy clouds, no noisy thunder or scary lightning--just water and sunshine everywhere, like a festive day at a water park. A rainbow is the only thing that could have made it better.

I know I'm not the only person who imagines a magical quality to such a mixed-up weather occurrence. Online articles here and here, among others, address the folklore that has grown up around simultaneous sun and rain through the years in places all over the world. Some of the legends involve devils, witches and strange weddings. Personally, I find sun showers heavenly.

If you're so inclined, click on the following images to enlarge them, and maybe you'll feel as cool and fresh as I did while I snapped them:

5:00:27 PM - Rain falling on the leaning tree, just behind my back fence.
(Viewed from my patio, under the eaves.)

5:00:47 PM - Rain pouring off the roof of a neighbor's cabinet shop.
(Viewed from my patio.)

5:01:07 PM - A corner of my own roof (in shadow) with blue skies overhead.
(Viewed from my patio.)

5:02:55 PM - My driveway and next-door neighbor's house.
Look at all the sunlight!
(Viewed through glass door on side of the house opposite the patio.)

5:04:20 PM - Neighbor's truck (nearer front of my driveway)
in pouring rain but enough sunshine to cast shadows of tires.
(Viewed from under my carport.)

5:04:43 PM - Hard rain spattering on driveway,
shadow of basketball net support.
(Viewed from under carport.)

5:06:55 PM - Rain and sunshine both beating down on neighbor's roof.
Drops that appear larger were falling from eaves of my own roof.
(Viewed from under carport.)

5:08:10 PM - Closeup of rain spatter in deep puddle.
(Viewed from dry spot under carport.)

5:08:39 PM - Rainwater pooling at uncovered end of carport
where mop had been put out to dry.
(Viewed from covered part of carport, but enough
water flowed through there to get my shoes wet.)

5:09:01 PM - From bottom to top: edge of front yard, 
peak of the hilly driveway, woods across the road--and rain.
(Viewed from carport.)

5:09:59 - Walked through the house in wet shoes and
stepped out the backdoor again to take one more shot
of the bright blue sky. It was still raining, but the camera
couldn't capture it against this beautiful background.
(Viewed from patio.)


  1. Replies
    1. The rain actually helped. It was muggier earlier, when all that moisture was just hanging in the air.

  2. This reminded me so much of my childhood on the Texas Gulf Coast. Thanks for posting.


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