Tuesday, July 01, 2014

"I'm Gonna Be Good, Whatever It Takes!"

I'm pretty sure Gimpy has whipped his stealing habit. It's been a long time since towels went missing from the bathroom or dishtowels from the kitchen counter, weeks since papers were snitched from a desktop or books pulled off a shelf. It's always seemed unfair to crate Gimpy while allowing the other three dogs unsupervised freedom, but I've done it for his safety and my peace of mind.

Lately, considering Gimpy's long stretch of good behavior, I've begun to trust him--enough that I haven't put him in the crate the last three times I've left the house.  He hasn't disappointed me; each time I've come home to find everything in its place.

I do wonder if I'm more comfortable with this new arrangement than Gimpy is, if my trust for him may be greater than his own sense of self control. I say that because Levi, Lucy and Oliver come to greet me at the front door when I get home, and there sits Gimpy, way back in the den in his crate, watching the action and wagging his tail, but not coming out of the crate until I call his name.

His self-imprisonment touches me. I kind of understand how much pressure he must feel when confronted with an opportunity to help himself to whatever's within his reach. It's the same pressure I feel when I know there are cookies in the house.


  1. He's playing you. He runs an gets in his crate when he hears you at the door, so you'll think what a good boy he is. Then, just when you least expect it, you'll catch him with one of your towels in his mouth - or worse, your underwear. lol

    1. Haha, Betty, you might be right. When I came home from grocery shopping yesterday he was out of the crate waiting with the others.

  2. Oh, I love both your boys but Gimpy tugs at my heart strings so! I'm certain he's really trying!!!

  3. That is the sweetest face ever!

  4. Holly, Lucy and Annette -- Gimpy sends you sloppy wet kisses.


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