Thursday, June 26, 2014

What I've Been Reading

The Rope
by Nevada Barr

Just the Way You Are
by Barbara Freethy

Gray Matter
by Nick Pirog

by CC Tillery

by Jay Giles

The Escape Artist
by Diane Chamberlain

Electric God
by Catherine Ryan Hyde

Pawleys Island
by Dorothea Benton Frank

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This was a good batch of books, my favorite among them being Catherine Ryan Hyde's Electric God. Hyde has written that some readers didn't like the main character, Hayden Reese, but I loved him from the get-go. Hayden, though human, is a lot like my dog, Gimpy. Sometimes he does bad things--he just can't help himself--but he's always sorry, he always tries to atone in the best way he can, and his heart has more love in it than he'll be able to give away in his whole lifetime.


  1. I love Nevada Barr and think I've read all her books.

    1. She's one of my favorites, too, Annette. I especially love living vicariously through her Anna Pigeon character, who's so much braver than I am.

  2. And the woman never sleeps! In every book, she becomes so engaged in finding the bad guy that she's up in the middle of the night, or all night long. Even when she gets injured or shot, she wakes up in the hospital, pulls her IV out and heads home.

    1. That's where my living vicariously ends and leaves Anna Pigeon on her own. If I don't get at least seven hours of sleep, I don't even care if the bad guy gets away. Sorry, Anna, but I'm turning out the light now.


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