Saturday, March 29, 2014

"Soft as Music, Light as Spray"

So many of the songs I post here on Saturdays hold special meanings or memories for me, but today's song does not. What it does instead is take me on a four-minute trip south of the border to a place I've never been but can see clearly when I close my eyes and listen. In fact, I've taken so many quickie Mexican vacations that this song has become one of the most-played songs on my iTunes list.

So, you wanna get away from it all for a few minutes? Press play and vaya con dios. (Just don't drink the water.)

The song is "Spanish is the Loving Tongue" by Asher Quinn.
Thanks to Asher Quinn for posting this video on YouTube.


  1. Linda, I have been listening to Michael Martin Murphey's version of that song for over 25 years. It is one of my all time favorite songs. I would never have dreamed someone could sing it prettier than MMM, but Asher Quinn comes darn close! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Joy, you're welcome! I like the MMM version, too, mostly because the longer lyrics tell a more complete story, but those Spanish guitars in the AQ version won me over.

  2. This video is so beautiful and soft music and I enjoyed listening to it. Thanks for sharing!


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