Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Ice, Ice, Maybe?

As many folks around here might put it, "There ain't no 'maybe' about it; that there is ice!" (It's itty-bitty South Louisiana ice, though; you might have to click on the photos to see it.)

See these pretty blossoms I photographed on Monday?

Here are those blossoms today:

And remember that grapevine that's in most of my sparrow shots?

No sparrows in today's icy tangle!

I did spot a small flock of larger birds in a tree two backyards away:

The thin coating of ice is pretty. It gives all the trees a soft, enchanted-forest appearance:

Especially since everything else (including Oliver, who photobombed this shot) is unfrozen and still in living color:

In the time it's taken me to post these photos, the ice has begun melting. Thank goodness! We have things to do and places to go.


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