Tuesday, January 08, 2013

When I Look to the Sky

One-a-Day Photo Challenge
Day Eight:  Your Sky

Is there any other part of nature that can alter one's mood as easily and as frequently as the sky does? I can't think of another one. 

Usually, when the sky is blue, I am not. At dawn on the days when the sky is pink or yellow and at sunset when it's a fiery orange-red, I feel alive, inspired, energized, and über-lucky to have a ticket to that show. Even when the sky turns black and foreboding, there's an energy about it that stirs excitement. Who can be bored when lightning flashes, thunder crashes, and rain pours down in heavy sheets? 

Then there are the gray days. They range from drab to downright gloomy, and they settle around my shoulders like a dirty, wet, woolen blanket. I fight those gray days. Unless I stay indoors with the lights on and do something to generate some inner sunshine, I sink under the weight of that wet blanket and begin to brood.

Here's a photo of "my" sky from earlier this morning, when it still held a little patch of promise:

Right now it's rainy. Not thunderstorm rainy, just drippy, droopy, shades of gray, an ordinary rainy day. But I'm here with you now and happy to be here. 

Now, if you want to test whether or not the sky can really lift your spirits, click here (to go to my photo blog) and see the sky as I saw it from the same spot just four days ago. Trust me, it's worth a mouse click.  


  1. Linda, both photos are so pretty! I like the idea of hope in the sky. I think it's raining all the way from my house to yours today! A happy day not to be on the road.

  2. I too am so affected by the sky. Those gray days are so hard!

  3. Alison, thanks! And I think you're right about the rain.

    Holly, the grey days are good ones for staying in bed with a book, but then you have to deal with the guilt, so who wants to do that? :)


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