Saturday, January 19, 2013


One-a-Day Photo Challenge
Day Nineteen:  Sweet

These little newborn shoes are yellowed with age and flattened from fifty years of storage, but every time I see them I remember the tiny feet that wore them when they were brand new. How pink those little tootsies were. How soft when I pressed them to my lips. How sweet, those perfect baby feet with their nibbly toes.


Basking in thoughts of babies, I'll dedicate this week's Saturday Song Selection to both my daughters, precious baby girls who grew up to be bright, beautiful, loving women. I wonder if they've known, as they've navigated their lives so far, that they've held my heart in their hands every step of the way.


The song is "For Rosanna" by Chris de Burgh.
Thanks to Winsford MM for posting the video on YouTube.
Click here for the lyrics.


  1. As always, beautiful job. The song made me cry. You know why. But these days the tears don't always hurt as much as they used to, they help me feel more alive when I'm getting jaded. It's hard to explain, but the tears are like a reminder that my heart, although torn up, scabby and patched together, has not at least calcified. It's a good thing.

  2. Annette, yes, I do know. I also know your heart is a good one, no matter how scabby and patched together it is. Those tears you describe sound like the healing kind. Let it be so and let them flow.

  3. Haha...and little did you know that those sweet little tootsies would eventually grow into the Size 9 Clydesdale feet that they are today. :) Love you, Mom!

  4. Oh, and I forgot to say: the song made me cry, too.

  5. Yeah, Kim, I did notice they've grown some. That might be why I don't so much want to kiss 'em anymore. :)

    Love you, too!

  6. Beautiful! And I just realized that I posted the wrong prompt! I posted tomorrow's... oh well, tomorrow I'll post something sweet! LOVE your daughter's comment on her own shoes/feet! ;-)

  7. Duly Inspired, Kim does have a way with words. She's the real writer in this family.


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