Monday, July 23, 2012

What I've Been Reading

Three of my last four library books were good--not great, but definitely worth the time spent reading them. The fourth book (pictured at the bottom of this group) failed to capture my interest. I picked it up a dozen times over a three-day period, each time reading a couple more pages, and finally gave up on it. That doesn't happen often, and it always makes me wonder if something on the very next page might have grabbed me. Guess I'll never know.

Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult:

In the Dark by Brian Freeman:

The Deepest Waters by Dan Walsh:

Lost River by David Fulmer:

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  1. what is the lone wolf about? I'm a wolf fan. Some time ago I read a book called the loop by Nick somebody who I think wrote the horse whisper, anyway it was a real good book if you like stories about wolves. Have not started any of the books I got from you still trying to finish by book on Lee. As I told you I'm a slow reader. Oh, yes you need to put some picture of your dogs on this blog.

  2. Hey, C.O., nice to see you here!

    "Lone Wolf" is about a family trying to decide whether or not to pull the plug on a brain-dead man who had spent his life researching wolves by living among them. It's fiction, but it contains plenty of interesting wolf-behavior info.

    As for your suggestion that I need to post some dog pictures. . .nah, people might think I'm a crazy dog lady.


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