Saturday, July 21, 2012

Of Life and Death and Constant Rain

Sometimes, in the midst of quiet complacency, life swoops in on a gust of fresh air, cleans the cobwebs off our daily routines, and sets us in motion. That would explain the creative energy that has consumed so much of my time over the past few weeks. It would also describe the house guests who visited earlier this week. Their animated personalities and generous spirits filled my home with light and joy.

But other times, also in the midst of quiet complacency, insanity rains down on the least likely of places, terrorizes innocent people, and snuffs out life for no rational reason at all. Meanwhile, across the country, a friend's beloved mother sheds her tired old body, no doubt as nature intended it, and goes peacefully to meet her Maker. Those things happened this week, too.

Here in South Louisiana, our daily rain showers were interrupted by three days of sunshine while my guests were here. Soon after they left for home, the rains returned:  hard rains, accompanied by spectacular displays of thunder and lightning. The storms have continued since then with few breaks.

It was thunder that woke me this morning and it's thunder that rattles the house now, keeping one of my dogs (Gimpy) close beside me. The storms and the news coverage have temporarily damped my good mood, but I'm not worried about it. I know it will return, and I will appreciate the joy even more, having been reminded of life's fragility.

Pray for peace for those who have lost loved ones and pray in gratitude for every day that those you love stay safe. Or, if you don't believe in prayer, then wish fervently for those same things and, while you're at it, wish for something or someone powerful and good to believe in.


Today's Saturday Song Selection is an instrumental piece that fits both the mood and the weather:

The song is "Sad Romance" by Ji PyeongKyeon.
Thanks to herrocroser for posting this video on YouTube.


  1. I too am very sad over the news from Co... One of my glassy friends lost a co-worker.

    Trying not to watch the news... it's just too hard.

  2. Thanks, pup!

    Holly, there are some screwed-up people in this world. I like to keep informed, but I've learned better than to immerse myself in 24/7 coverage of the carnage they leave behind. I hope the TV journalists all have good shrinks.


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