Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dang, that man gets on my nerves

Just when I thought there was nothing George W. Bush could do to make me like him less, he did it today, right here in my own backyard. Technically, it wasn't his fault, but it annoyed me anyway.

I took off work early this afternoon to drive to the vet in Baton rouge. I had to take Kadi to get her thyroid levels checked, and I had to pick up another round of antibiotics for Butch. This trip was timed carefully to avoid rush hour traffic.

About halfway to the vet's office, just before it was time to turn off the two-lane back road and get on the interstate, traffic came to a dead stop. After standing still for a while, all the vehicles in front of me started making three-point u-turns -- nevermind that there was steady oncoming traffic -- so I did the same. It was quite a visual spectacle and more than a little bit hazardous.

I had to backtrack a couple of miles to find an alternate route, and as I was driving, the radio announcer started naming roads that were closed because of a presidential motorcade. I knew George Bush was in New Orleans yesterday, but I had no idea he was still around. Apparently, he was planning to attend a fundraiser at a private residence, and there were protesters lined up on the interstate side of the nearby water park. I was on the back side of that same water park when everyone started making u-turns.

Kadi and I still got to where we were going, but it took an extra half hour to get there. I kind of wish I could have seen the protesters.


  1. well, Kadi got a longer ride in the car than she could have had!

    I forgot all about poor Butchie and his heinie problems. What's going on there? did he/will he have another operation?

  2. Janet, Butch has to stay on the new antibiotics for four weeks, then we'll decide whether or not to attempt the surgery again. Thanks for asking. I'll write another post with more details.

  3. Velvet, It's so nice to read about home... but I'm so sorry it was about you being stuck in B.R. traffic, which is bad enough without a lame duck holding things up!

  4. How annoying! He aggravated me anew yesterday when I heard him on the news, yet again, saying we are not in a recession. Errrrr...

  5. How do you get him to take the antibiotics? I've never been comfortable shoving a pill down Spot's throat and it takes a lot of ingenuity to camouflage a pill, and even then, most of the time he'll spit it out.

  6. The man HAS money, COMES from money and absolutely has NO idea what its like to live on a fixed income when EVERYTHING around you is going UP and up in price. How many times I've said it....we need an AVERAGE working person in office...one who knows what its like for us out here. Makes me sick when I hear about all the money being spent on these campaigns. A good portion of our nation goes hungry and the uninsured seniors go without their medications and the wealthy turn their heads....and life goes on. Humph.

  7. Holly, did you recognize where I encountered the traffic blockage? I was on that beautiful stretch of Old Perkins Road that's lined with white picket fences, where the trees overhang to form a tunnel. That's my favorite stretch of road in this whole area.

    Kat, from what I heard today, he created about four hours' worth of traffic jams in our fair city.

    Janet, all dog pills at our house are wrapped in a teaspoon of vanilla ice cream. Butch was suspicious the first time and spit the ice cream out on the floor, then licked up everything except the pill. After that, I'd give him a bite of nothing but ice cream first, then he'd gulp the second bite, which had the pill hidden in it. Now both dogs get so revved up about the prospect of ice cream that they gulp the very first pill-laden bite.

    Val, I like your idea, but to tell the truth, I don't think I've ever met an "average" working person whom I thought would make a good president. After eight years of GWB, I hope we'll get a president who's at least "above average" this time. (Just kidding. I know you meant "average" in the sense of "not privileged.")

  8. Velvet, I sure did know exactly where you were...

    Re: dog pills. I find a pill shoved in a hot dog or a ball of cheese works great. But Mabel LOVES ice cream...I'm going to have to try that!


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