Thursday, April 24, 2008

At the supermarket

Picture a young man standing in front of the gourmet cheese counter. He's wearing baggy jeans with pant legs that pool at his ankles and lie in loose folds on top of his dirty white sneakers. He needs a shave. Spikes of oily brown hair peek out from under his worn red ballcap.

Speaking into his cell phone, the young man says confidently, "I thought I'd cut it with butter, just a glaze, not a sauce."

As the saying goes, you can't judge a book by its cover.


  1. I always chuckle when things like that happen. Almost an exhilarating feeling.

  2. We often judge too quickly...don't we.

  3. So true. I have a cousin in Walker that is as Southern hick as they come. But that boy can cook like crazy and probably knows your supermarket guy... it sounds like they run in the same circles!

  4. LOL, that sure would have caught my attention too. Yes ~ sigh, we all do tend to judge people by how they look...I'm guilty of it too. I often wonder how people perceive me. I think they think I'm this sweet little old woman who has led a sheltered life. heh heh heh How wrong they would be...I'm afraid when my anger is really stirred up, grown men have been known to flee. LOL

  5. Maxngabbie, I know what you mean. It was like a moment of enlightenment that made me aware I was stereotyping.

    Sister-Three, we sure do.

    CreekHiker, where were all the cooking men when I was in the market?

    Val, I think older people are among the most stereotyped groups of all, and you hit it right on the head with your "sheltered life" comment. Somehow we need to educate younger people about what like to live through the 1960s. I think they'd see us a little differently. (Although I must admit that any nostalgia I feel is for the '50s, not the '60s.)


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