Sunday, January 06, 2008

Déjà vu

It's almost bedtime, and I'm ready for it. I never bothered to get dressed all day today. Except for time time I spent sleeping last night, I've spent most of the weekend in front of the TV watching campaign news. I'm especially interested in this year's presidential race because whoever gets the job, it won't be George Bush.

I've enjoyed the TV coverage, especially the debates last night, and have formed some nebulous opinions about all of the candidates. Of everything I've seen and heard so far, nothing made me want to run in here and write about it until just a minute ago.

I just now heard Mike Huckabee say "irregardless" three times in a row. Oh, please, God, not another one who can't speak the native tongue. I don't hold the average person to such a high standard, but I want a president who can speak correctly.

If I hear even one of these candidates say "nucular," I may have to shoot myself.


  1. You know when we pick a president on is a little scary.

    Hillary is the one for you...most educated and best talker.

  2. After watching the debates I think we may hear several made up words...and many other made up things....I have been glued to the tube also...Betty got to meet Huckabee...I wish she would post that picture again...I do not have it anymore....

  3. So far I haven't seen anyone I want to vote for. I guess I'll wait till the elections and vote for the one I think will do the least damage.

  4. I live in NH and I can't wait until Tuesday is over. We have been bombarded with phone calls, flyers, people coming to the door, all weekend.

    And I still don't know who I'm going to vote for.

  5. How about "more importantly"... it drives me mad.

  6. Sister-three, of course I wouldn't really base my vote on something like pronunciation -- but if two candidates were otherwise equal in my mind, I'd choose the one who paid attention in school.

    4th-Sister, it's fascinating to watch at this point. I hope we don't get burned out on everybody before November.

    Janet, I actually feel like we have a better group of candidates than we've had in recent election years. There are things I like -- and things I don't -- about all of them.

    Javagirl, it would be difficult for me to vote for someone who knocked on my door uninvited. Once they'd riled up my dogs and interrupted my TV show, it would be hard to get back into my good graces.

    Ex-Shammickite, I agree with you about "more importantly." Another annoying phrase is, "I feel badly." It always makes me want to ask, "What's wrong with your fingers?"

  7. Yes, I liked some of the Huckabee had to say but again with his speech..

    Hilary cried today... can the end be near?

  8. I do appreciate what you're saying, but I do favor anyone

  9. Seems like we have an awful lot in common as far as books and music. I'm enjoying myself immensely with your links. As far as "irregardless" boss used to say that (he's retired now) and every time he did, it was like fingernails on a chalkboard. I was embarrassed FOR him. I thought these people had 'speech-writers' ...shame on them. Enjoy your day. I have many, many jammie clad days and I enjoy them to the max. I'm retired for the most part, but work 2 days a week part-time at the place from which I retired. I'm having more fun this way.

  10. "For all intensive purposes." That's mine. Busted a lawyer on that one a while back. It felt good!

  11. I am not a Huckster fan, but he did want kids to get off their butts and move. He made some changes in the educational laws of AR that demanded time in the school day for physical education for children...well, they have since been axed he is gone. I don't believe he lost all that weight without some kind of surgery help...but he said he did.

    He is a preacher turned politician....what more can one say!

  12. Val, I agree that we seem to have a lot in common, and I think working part-time would be the best of both worlds. I hope I can do that in a year or two.

    Adam, that's a terrific example of mangled language.

    Sister-Three, physical education was mandatory when I was in high school in the late '50s. I wonder when it stopped being required.


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