Friday, January 25, 2008

Back to normal...almost

Butch seems to be fine now, if you don't count the problem that sent him to the vet in the first place. Otherwise, he's very much his old self.

I, however, am still struggling a little bit as a result of the scare. I wake up in the night and listen for the breathing of two dogs. If I can't hear two separate, distinct breathing patterns, I sit up, turn on the bedside lamp, and watch to make sure both chests are rising and falling as they should. Butch, bless his good-natured soul, may be getting tired of being rudely awakened by my calling his name or making an unusual noise to test his reaction.

I'm reminded of a complaint my stepfather made about my mother a few months after he'd been hospitalized for a stroke. "I'm tired," he said, "but everytime I lay down to take a nap, Wanda calls 911."


  1. I understand-sometimes when Spot's sleeping on the living room floor he looks motionless and I have to get up and feel his belly to make sure it's moving up and down. There's been a few times I could hardly feel anything and shook him, he was just sound asleep and looked like he was saying "whuh? you woke me up!".

    That last bit about your stepfather was funny!

  2. Velvet, Thanks for the update and wonderful chuckle about your stepdad.

    Just so glad Butch is home and doing OK. I just can't imagine how frightening that was!

    Hugs and scritches to the usual suspects!

  3. Like having a baby in the house! I'm always listening for the breathing.

  4. Isn't it something, this hold on our hearts! I remember going into my child's bedroom at night, looking closely to see her chest was rising and falling, reassuring myself, fighting off the fear when at first I didn't see movement. Ordinary Janet and Kat have done the same. You are doing the same.

  5. Thanks, everybody, for letting me know I'm not the only paranoid "mama" in the group.


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