Friday, September 14, 2007

"To everything (turn, turn, turn)...

...there is a season (turn, turn, turn)..."

...and it was way past time to update the look of this blog.

It's been about 20 months since I settled on the "Velvet Sacks" blog title, then chose a template with a dark background and neon-colored dots. The colors made me think of velvet -- or at least of velvet Elvis paintings.

Recently I was motivated to change to a different look, but it took awhile to figure out what to do. You wouldn't believe how many photos I tried with the new template. In the end I bit the bullet and accepted the fact that if I wanted to continue with the "velvet" theme, I'd have to bust out the props and take a new header photo. If there are any Pente players among you, you may recognize the velvet bags and colored glass stones of a 1980s version of the game. As I write this, the parts of the game are scattered across the bed in my spare bedroom, along with a pretty scarf (also from the '80s) that I came that close to giving to Goodwill.

You want to know what started me thinking about redecorating this little corner of Blogdom? I stumbled across Time Goes By, a delightful blog written by Ronni Bennett, and found her list of "elderbloggers." Right there on her sidebar were a lot of people I'd been trying to find, older people like me, folks whose blogs I could read to gauge whether or not I'm where I should be at my age, developmentally speaking. What a find!

And then I read Ronni's rules for inclusion on her blog list. I thought I could possibly make the list except for one tiny glitch (there was one instance in the not too distant past when I felt bad and went longer than a week without posting) and one big violation of the "no-light-colored-text-on-a-dark-background" rule. Hmm. That one was a doozy. I personally love a dark background because it makes the pictures pop, but I have read that some people find the light-on-dark blogs hard to read. Maybe that's the reason for the rule.

Anyway, after mulling it over for a few months, I've finally cleaned my blog house, and it feels good to see my words in fresh surroundings. Whether Ronni adds me to her list or not, I'm happy with the changes. I hope you'll like them, too. If you'd care to sit and visit for awhile, there's cake.


  1. Love the new look! I'm one of those who don't like the black background, but you were worth reading! and I just love the new header photo-you're so creative, I'd never have thought of that. I'm glad you kept that scarf!

  2. Velvet, I almost thought I was in the wrong place! First, your photography skills are amazing. I love the new picture. Before I started reading, I was wondering how you scored such a find.

    I too find the light on dark hard to read. I remedy that on blogs I like by highlighting sections and reading and then highlighting another. It really helps.

    You could always add a black box around your picture before uploading if you really like that look.

    Anyway, I love it! Change is good!

  3. Light text on dark background gets more and more difficult to read the older we get. I've gotten to the point where I won't even try when I land on such a website.

    Thank you for the mention of my blog. Yours is just lovely - the banner is spectacular. What luscious colors.

  4. Is it, by any chance, Red Velvet cake?

    I do like your new look, but then, I liked the old one too.

  5. we agree the new page is beautiful, but where is the cake? we have some cold milk in the fridge to go with it, sounds yummy!!

    peace and blessings


  6. I will get used to it, but I like the old you too!

  7. I left a comment earlier today but blogger was really having problems so I don't know if it went through. So feel free to delete if this is a duplicate!

    I love the new look and how your beautiful red photo pops against the white background. Well done!

    I had no idea so many people had trouble reading the light text against a dark background so you are making me think maybe I shoud take a look at my own blog. Carmon

  8. Thanks for the feedback, folks. Sounds like Ronni had a good reason for that particular rule.

    Keepers, I ate the rest of the cake (sorry), but Annie's idea for red velvet cake would have been better anyway.

  9. I like your new look - it's bright and fresh. And unique. You're pretty talented there! I'd like to change the name of mine, but am not sure you can do that without making another blog...and Lord knows, I can barely handle one!

  10. Jackie, thank you. I like "Jackie's Garden" and don't know why you want to change it, but I'll bet it isn't as hard as you think it might be. On Blogger you can change your title on the "Settings" page. The url doesn't change, just the title as it appears on the page. Don't know anything about Wordpress, but I'd imagine they have a similar feature.

  11. I love the look! So clean and crisp.


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