Sunday, April 22, 2007

Wide world

This page needs a little color, so I'll show you some horizontal slices of photos that were otherwise without any redeeming qualities. That cropping tool certainly comes in handy.

These mailboxes sit at the end of my driveway:

Here's where I get on the interstate each afternoon to drive home from work:

And here's what I see from the exit ramp:

The road I take to work in the morning is a more rural one. This little cluster of buildings isn't too impressive close up, but I like the way it sits amid the lines of the surrounding scenery.

A helpful gust of wind held this flag out almost straight:

These beasts of burden live in a field inside the city limits, right next to a middle school:

This photo of an unkempt vacant lot proves what a difference the right light can make:

I set the camera directly on the patio to take a picture of this clover patch at the edge of it:

The reason these photo fragments were rescued? There's a slim chance I might someday switch to a blog template with a banner across the top. In other words, it's that packrat thing again.


  1. Funny thing, I thought when I got a computer, the "pack rat" thing might go away, you know, less paper work on the kitchen counter, less stuff, etc. I find that "pack rat habit" has rolled into my computer. Glad to know I'm not the only one. Nice photos, how would you know which one to choose? Oh, that would be the "decision" thing.

  2. Velvet, lovely pictures. It's a wonderful burst of color as you scroll up and down. I always am amazed to see how green it is down home. Holly

  3. Maxngabbie, it's occurred to me that technology might help me get rid of a few items of clutter: favorite old clothes, for example. I'm thinking if I'd take a good picture of them (maybe even scan a swatch), I'd be able to let them go. Is that twisted, or what?

    Holly, anything that can grow does grow around here. As you well know, it's a big job just to control the green growth. You should see the mildew on the side of my house right now.

  4. Those panoramas are quite appealing. It's delightful to see so many on your blog today, Velvet Sacks.

  5. Hi Velvet,
    I stopped by the drive and enjoyed your world.

  6. I think you discovered the landscape button on your camera.

  7. they're all keepers! With these, you can change the banner whenever you feel like it!

  8. Those are wonderful. I love that shape for photos. Any of these would be perfect for a banner, but I particularly like those mailboxes. Nice eye you have.

  9. Annie, I've always been a little inclined toward excess. ;-)

    Princess Haiku, welcome, and thanks for stopping by. I peeked briefly at your site this evening and found a lot of beauty there.

    Sister-Three, nope. If my camera has a landscape button, I haven't discovered it yet. These are just regular photos with large chunks cropped off the tops and/or bottoms.

    Janet, the idea of changing banners sounds fun to me, too.

    Duly Inspired, while I was in the house posting a photo of those mailboxes, somebody drove down the road and knocked two of them off the posts. Mine is hanging on, but just barely. Dang stupid teenagers!

  10. I love those pictures. I have a picture that I would love to have as my banner on my blog but I don't know how to go about doing it. *sigh*

    My favorites were the mailboxes and the row of trees.


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