Thursday, February 22, 2007


I loved the time I spent with you.
You opened up your mind to me
and let me glimpse the treasures
you have hidden in your head.
I was bedazzled by the brilliance
of each precious stone you laid before me
and tantalized by the radiated glow
of all the jewels I’ve yet to discover.

I heard each word you spoke to me
and saved it like a grain of sand,
lodged deep within the oyster’s shell
to grow in time to be a pearl.

I will be richer for knowing you.
Please share your wealth with me...
and I will give you all that’s mine.

Thursday night is the absolute best night for TV. As much as I'd like to post something interesting for my readers, I can't risk missing the first results show of this season's American Idol or, even worse, a single minute of Grey's Anatomy. The easiest thing to do, I decided, was to dig deep into my old-poem stash and pull out something you haven't seen.

This one was written in 1983 in honor of the first man I'd dated in a long time who could carry on an interesting, intelligent conversation. God, that was so refreshing! We had a really nice relationship for a few months, until I met someone else, someone who was almost as good at communicating and a little more interesting to my shallow, non-thinking parts.

Anyway, it occurred to me as I reread this poem that it has a different meaning to me now. If I were to write these same words today, I'd be addressing them to you guys and gals, my blogging friends. For the many words and thoughts you've shared, I offer you my deepest thanks, my utmost appreciation, and this old poem.

I'll give you "all that's mine" a little bit at a time--but not on Thursdays, okay?


  1. Velvet, So sweet. You are a gifted writer. Thanks for sharing!

    I'm missing Ugly Betty tonight...never got into Grey's. So I'm working on taxes now that the 'puter is kinda working.

    Have a great night!

  2. That's a beautiful poem. I enjoyed reading it tonight. Happy tv watching to you!

  3. Wow!
    I will surely borrow the discreet and charming way you have related how it came to be that you moved from one great love to another. 8-)


  4. aww, that's sweet. Okay, I won't expect anything on Thursdays!

    and I told you they'd revive Meredith!

  5. Yes, blogging friends are the best. We can be friends without any fear of over doing our welcome. All we have to to click to finish a visit. Best kind of friends.

    I love you words of wisdom.
    Sis 3

  6. What a neat poem. You write very well.

    Oh, and I love that show too. I was so freaked out last night that Meredih might die. I knew there was no way she could, since the show was named after her, but sheeze, for a while, I thought they were actually going to kill her off.

  7. Creekhiker, thanks, and I have good news for you: Ugly Betty wasn't on this past Thursday. ABC showed a re-run of last week's Grey's Anatomy right before the new episode.

    D.I., it was a good TV night indeed! Thank you.

    Cyotteeflower, feel free to use the line, but let me clarify that these weren't "great loves." The first one was a great human being, but our "love" fizzled out into a great friendship. The second one, whom I thought had "great love" potential, turned out to be a great disappointment and dumped me after five months, suddenly and with no explanation. Those "non-thinking parts" are NOT the best judges of character.

    Janet, I knew they'd revive Meredith, too. McDreamy and the other doctors didn't know it, though, and I felt SO SAD for them.

    Sister-Three, I agree with everything you said about blogging friends. Plus, they never drop in unexpectedly and interrupt your dinner.

    Jewellybeano, thanks. I'm glad it was Meredith's mother who died and not one of the regulars. Although I could live without McSteamy's arrogance. What do you think about the news that Addison is going to move off this show and into a spin-off?

  8. They sure don't have a lot of faith in their own healing talents, do they? Dr. Bailey wouldn't let them give up. All the men doctors gave up, but Dr. Bailey and Christina were the ones who kept going. That oughta tell you something, huh?

  9. What a beautiful poem, Velvet. It's interesting how we view the same thing differently, at different times in our lives. I guess I'll miss your Thursdays - I don't watch either of those shows! :-)

  10. Janet, maybe it's just a man thing. "What's one woman, more or less?"

    Jackie, thank you. And if you want to keep your Thursdays, don't watch Grey's Anatomy even once. It's addictive.


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