Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A really good guess, if you see what I mean

One segment on this morning's Today show featured an elementary school class in which the students had elected to use their recess time to learn Braille. They were doing this in support of two visually impaired classmates. For obvious reasons, this story made me smile, and it produced a second wave of smiles by reminding me of something my sister once told me.

A few hurricane seasons back, my sister and her extended family were forced to evacuate inland from their Texas Gulf Coast homes. They ended up staying at a multi-story hotel. My niece was riding up in the elevator with her son, "J.C.", who was about 7 at the time, when he noticed the Braille markings on the elevator buttons. As nearly as I can remember the story, their conversation went something like this:

J.C.: "Look, Mama, these buttons have those bumps on them that you touch if you can't see."

J.C.'s Mom: "Um-hmm, do you know what that's called?"

J.C.: "Uhhhhhhh, I don't know, hand-eye coordination?"

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  1. I hope the hurricane season isn't as bad as last year for you guys.


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