Sunday, May 14, 2006

I love being a mom...

...but I've always thought Mother's Day was a trumped-up holiday designed mainly to profit florists and card companies. Maybe I feel that way because I'm lucky, because my kids show their love in various ways all year long, and it feels kind of like overkill to have a special day set aside for it.

Nevertheless, I racked up today! I'd told my girls there wasn't anything I wanted or needed, and darned if they didn't come up with exactly what I wanted and needed: a book on photography, another on creating websites, and the absolutely perfect camera case.

My older daughter remembered that I'd recently mentioned I'd like to learn more about HTML code, so she got me this book. Not wanting to offend me on Mother's Day with the "Dummies" part of the title, and being the creative person she is, she modified the cover to look like this:

She also changed the spine to read: "Creating Web Pages for Mommies." Cute, huh?

In the early afternoon, my granddaughter and her fiance had us over to their new home, which I hadn't seen until today. It's beautiful. We stuffed ourselves on boiled crawfish and laughed almost to the point of tears as we told stories on one another. There's nothing I enjoy more than the high of a good belly laugh, and my family is full of natural comedians.

Now I'm home, resisting the temptation to take a nap. I still have the whole Sunday newspaper to read, and tonight's finale of Survivor will wrap up a perfect day. Thanks again, kiddos!

P.S. Happy Mother's Day, Wanda June! I miss ya'.


  1. you made me cry. i dread the day when i'm without a mother. on a lighter note. that looks like an iron bed or something behind your mom ?

  2. You have a good eye, Erin. My mom was sitting on my niece's daybed, which had an iron frame.

  3. you are very lucky to be able to eat the cajan food. i have never tasted it. always want to. have you ever ate alligator?

  4. Patsy, I have eaten fried alligator as a matter of fact. The flavor was good, but the meat was a little tough for my liking.

  5. it is a good thing when good mothers are celebrated. i am happy that your family got together and had such a good time. you know, this is not something that the majority of families do. you are blessed, remember that always.

    your children are blessed to have a good mother and to want to laugh and be with her even when its not the day that is set aside for it.
    Your journal often makes me smile. You have many good memories.


  6. Austin, I don't know how many of the half-dozen mothers who read my blog have followed the link to your journal, but I'll guarantee you one thing: Those of us who have read your remarkable story are sending big, warm "mommy hugs" to you. You deserved a lot better than you got, sweetie. (But I think you already knew that.)

  7. I can do a little html code.
    As bright as you are it will be
    a snap for you...if one of the
    sisters can do, I know you can!


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