Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Butch, er, no, I mean Bush

I am not a George Bush fan (except when I view him in the capacity I will show you in a minute), but I did find him less annoying than usual in tonight's State of the Union address. The speech was a lot more of the same old yada yada yada; however, he seems to have practiced all day to minimize his smirk.

Our Governor Blanco was in the audience, and she has the opposite problem: a perpetual pout. The lady's undoubtedly tired, but I don't think that hangdog expression makes anybody want to help our hurricane-devastated state as much as it makes them just want her to go away.

Now that I've demonstrated in one short post that I'm capable of bipartisan negativity, click here to see the place I most like Dubya. (You can use your mouse to help him out if he gets in a jam.)

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