Saturday, February 08, 2014

Five Things I Really, Really Like

  1. Saturdays. Who doesn't?
  2. Piano music. This goes back to my childhood. When I visited my Grandma Audrey, she would let me spend hours picking out "tunes" (at least in my mind they were tunes) on her upright piano. I never learned to play, but I've always loved the piano.
  3. Ethereal voices. Those light, airy, haunting vocal instruments that run their fingers up and down my spine. 
  4. Nashville, ABC's nighttime soap opera about the music industry. I wait for it from one Wednesday night to the next, caught up in between in a gnarly ball of characters and plot lines, looking forward to the next twist in the story and the next new song.
  5. One particular song from the 1/29/14 episode of Nashville. With rare exceptions, all the Saturday Song Selections featured on this blog are ones I've bought and paid for, either through iTunes or on CDs that I've converted to MP3s to include them on iTunes playlists. Today's song is so new that it isn't even available for purchase yet. I know, because I've checked on it every single day since that episode aired to see if I could buy it. Instead, I've listened to it on YouTube enough times that it's now playing virtually non-stop in my head -- in a good way, not an earworm way. 
So, here are all five things wrapped up in this week's Saturday Song Selection:

The song is "Black Roses," performed by Clare Bowen.
Thanks to Kou Vang for posting the video and lyrics on YouTube.


  1. I am hooked on Nashville as well and this season seems particularly good to me. I am always amazed at all the original songs they sing each week. What a talented bunch!

    1. They really are! I'm also enjoying the cameo appearances by well-known country artists this season.

  2. I tried watching Nashville for a few weeks because I love both of the lead actresses but... it never caught on with me. But I do love Saturdays! And piano music. My bestie is a classically trained pianist and if I pull in her driveway and she's practicing, I sit on her porch and just listen until she is done.... Heaven!

    1. I'd sit and listen, too, Holly. Nothing beats a private concert.


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