Monday, September 03, 2012

Play ball!

We hadn't played backyard ball since before the Hurricane. The yard has stayed so wet and muddy from the storm's heavy rains that even a short trip outside with the dogs means I have to hose off their feet before they can come back in the house. Today, for probably the fiftieth time this week, Levi and Gimpy approached me with the tennis ball and a pair of hopeful faces. And today I gave in. Labor Day and backyard ball games just go together, don't you think?

All the dark spots on the ground in this photo are mudholes,
and there's plenty more of it underneath the grassy surface.

How'd you like to wash these paws eight or ten times a day?

Here's Levi, begging me to throw the ball one more time.

And here's Gimpy, awaiting his turn with the dreaded shower spray.

Three of us played ball this morning. Two of us--the hairy ones--had a wonderful time, right up until the bath at the very end. Who says, "There is no joy in Mudville"?


  1. Well, you have to wash them off anyway so... you might as well play BALL! Your boys look SO happy!

  2. Holly, that was my though exactly.

  3. They look really happy! These pics make me dread Michigan Sept./Oct. rains though.....


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