Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sepia Saturday: Taking the Bull by the Horns

As much as I love old photographs, participating in the Sepia Saturday challenge is forcing me to acknowledge that my own collection of old photos is somewhat limited in scope. I could have searched through them until the cows came home and still wouldn't have found a sepia image that fit this week's photo prompt.

Well, never mind. I've missed the last two weeks because I didn't have suitable photos to post, but it happens that I do have some newer ones that fit this week's theme perfectly. So, by golly, I'm gonna post my modern-day cow pictures and hope nobody has a beef with that.

Below is a horizontal strip of cows I photographed from my car:

I had to crop all their hooves away to get rid of
a big blur of barbed wire that was in front of them.

On another day, again in my car, I spotted the next two cows lolling in a field near an unsightly interstate highway overpass. Because a blogger never knows when she'll need a cow photo, I snapped their picture.

Hmm. Missing hooves again. These girls were either lying on
 them or were standing in very tall grass.

Here comes my pi├Ęce de resistance, a drooling bull:

This guy lives at a local rural life center. Isn't he handsome?

Now, do you want to know why it was so important to me to do a Sepia Saturday post this week in spite of the fact that I didn't have any appropriate old photos? It's because I found the absolutely perfect Saturday Song Selection to go along with the theme and was determined to share it with you:



The song is "Cows with Guns" by Dana Lyons.
Thanks to camedser for posting this video on YouTube.
Click here to read the lyrics.

To see what others have posted in response
to this week's photo prompt, click on the image
below and follow the links. Some of their
 old photos might just moooooove you.


  1. We all have to use our modern pics for many of the themes, myself included. You've given us a good herd of cattle photos here.

  2. I'm not upset at all that you're using current photos. Many of us don't have a huge collection of sepia photos. I'm just happy to be educated by all of the stories and photos on SS each week. I've learned so much.
    Like who knew that cows could be identical twins?

  3. Love the "drooling bull" the best! You don't have to ever be on theme ... please don't miss because of that. Half the time I'm not, including this week.

    Great post,

    Kathy M.

  4. White faced angus are my favorite. And is anything funnier than clay-mation? Hilarious video. Three cheers for bovine freedom!

  5. You did a pretty darn good job shooting those cows from the car! And your drooling bull is wonderful - what a shot!

  6. Just trying to horn in here & leave a comment... Those are great photos! I enjoyed them

  7. That video - so silly, but so funny! All the cow pictures are wonderful; I wonder why we like looking at pictures of them so much. The drooling bull gets the rosette for 'Best in Show'!

  8. There is no way I could tell the age of those cows.

  9. Great cow pictures! Don't worry if you don't have vintage photos - I enjoy seeing any pictures. But, if you want to use old photos and don't have any for the theme, you can always visit The Library of Congress, Wikicommons & Flickr Commons. They have many photos in the public domain.


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