Tuesday, March 06, 2012

A piece of cake

That's what the nuclear stress test turned out to be. I wouldn't have dreaded it nearly as much if I'd known that I would get to be the one to say when I'd been on the treadmill long enough. I don't get a lot of physical exercise, so I was fairly fearful at the idea of staying on a treadmill, its speed and slope steadily increasing, until some Nurse Ratchet-type told me I could stop. In fact, I had created an entire slideshow of mental images of myself lying face down, arms and legs tangled around various posts, while the still moving treadmill  scraped against the side of my face.

It wasn't a bit like that. And my knees didn't hurt at all during the test! And the nurses were nice, too!


Now I'm feeling good. Good enough that tonight I'm going to a birthday party, at which I'll completely replenish my supply of positive energy from abundant sources of love, laughter, and Mexican food.


  1. sound good, the party not the test.

  2. Yay, Linda! I hope the results turn out good, too.

  3. oh, that's a relief-I often wondered if people had heart attacks from being forced to run/walk the treadmill longer than they can stand it. Hope the results are good!

  4. Patsy, the party was great.

    Annette, thanks, I'll get the results tomorrow.

    Janet, I read online that the test is quite safe--only one in 10,000 has a heart attack or dies. Frankly, I like better odds than that.


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