Sunday, January 08, 2012

"What in hell am I?"

Among the WWII photos of my father that my aunt sent me recently was this one of his Army baseball team:

At first I didn't find this picture too interesting. The faces were so small that I had trouble picking him out from the rest of the ballplayers.

Then I turned the photo over and saw where he had identified every team member, left to right, by surname, position played (or rank), and heritage (sometimes in the politically incorrect terms of the day). My dad was the last man on the right in the second row.


  1. what a good laugh!

  2. Janet, I thought it was funny, too. I guess he'd never thought to ask that question until then.

  3. How wonderful to have this, especially I think to see his handwriting and to hold something he once held and put his mark on. Beautiful!

  4. Holly, I think his sense of humor got him out of a scrape or two in his day.

    Duly Inspired, yes, it is nice to have something with his handwriting on it. He sent so few letters over the course of his lifetime that I think I still have most of them, but all of them were typed.


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