Sunday, November 13, 2011

Rest in Peace, Carmon Deyo

I learned hours ago that a dear online friend passed away on Friday. If you've met Carmon through her blog, Life at Star's Rest, then you know what a wonderful human being she was, and you're as sad as I am that her life has been cut short. And, if you're not familiar with her, then I urge you to go read her blog and get to know her now. It's not too late for her to touch you with her words.

Though Carmon wrote compellingly about her two years of battling melanoma, there was so much more to her than a brave cancer patient. Save those last two years of posts to read later. First, go back in her archives to her earlier posts and learn about her interesting life and her love for her husband and for the rescued animals that gave her their trust and kept her company as she lived, often alone, on a mountain in New Mexico.

Carmon was an amazing and inspirational woman. I've never met her in person, but I'll remember her always.


  1. Sorry to hear about the death of your friend... My love and prayers go out to her family.

  2. Linda, I too was deeply saddened to read of her passing. I actually found her blog through yours, which seems like many years ago. I was honored to be somewhat a part of her life. I spent this past weekend reading her entire blog from beginning to end, as well as the emails we exchanged (I NEVER empty my inbox...) I will miss her terribly, I will miss her words, as well as her beautiful photos she shared with us. My heart cannot help but break for Mike and her beloved animals. I am just very sad.
    P.S. I want you to know, I may not always comment, but I love to read your words too, as well as Alisons. Between the three of you, my days were made brighter....thank you.

  3. Linda,

    We share this loss. I forgot to mention on my website that I found Carmon's site through your site as well. Thank you for that gift. Like Sandy, I spent much of the weekend reading Carmon's blog, remembering her joy and her work with her animals, her love for all of the animal kingdom.

    Sending you love and hugs in this sad time.

  4. Betsy, thanks. I hope you'll go to her blog and read some of it. Or, if you don't have time for that, then at least look at some of her beautiful photos. She was a special lady and an especially talented one.

    Sandy and Alison, Carmon had many friends and followers I know nothing about, but it helps that there are a few of us who, through words exchanged on the Internet, have come to know each other as kindred spirits and can come together and find strength through the sharing of this loss. Even if you're many miles away, it's good to have you with me.

  5. I've been reading her blog for a couple of years, have traded a few emails with her, and she will be very much missed. I'm glad you posted about her.

  6. Janet, Alison (Duly Inspired) wrote a beautiful tribute to Carmon this morning, and it was that that prompted me to encourage others to visit Carmon's blog. It was also Alison who noted in an email that Carmon's readers were "circling the wagons" around her, and I'm glad your wagon was right next to mine while we waited for the inevitable.

  7. I too found her blog through yours, Very sad to read of her passing.

  8. You and carmon were my first readers. both have connections with NW arkansas which I found amazing. I am glad she is at rest.

  9. Holly, Carmon's blog was so interesting, as was her life. I always encouraged her to write a book. Now, especially, I wish she'd done it.

    Patsy, I love the way blogging connects so many people who otherwise might never know each other. I, too, am glad Carmon's pain has ended.

  10. I just realized that Mike took the whole Star's Rest site down--- I'm devastated all over again. I found that if I went there and re-read some entries and looked at some pictures, it was like visiting a library dedicated to her memory. Of course it's entirely up to Mike and I'm sure he had his reasons... but I rather had hoped that the site could stay up forever-- again, as a memorial and reading room.

    I did know Carmon in person.. we met and chatted at the Dewey Beach Greyhound gatherings several times. After my husband died in 2007, I found that I had lost my Rainbow Bridge ring and contacted her to see if by any chance she still had any around. I knew she wasn't making rings any more. Well she didn't that she knew of, but a couple months later, she found the very last one that they had made and sent it to me as a gift. I wear it every day -- now it not only reminds me of my husband, but of Carmon. :(

  11. Sage, thanks for writing. I knew Carmon's site had been disabled for a while but didn't realize it had been removed completely. I, too, hoped Mike would leave it up--and maybe he did.

    Each Blogger blog has a limited capacity, after which the blogger is charged a (very inexpensive) annual fee for extra space. I've thought about that in regard to my own blog, because I'm in that "extra space" place right now, and I've wondered what would happen to my blog if I died and Blogger's attempt to collect their fee from my credit card failed.

    Anyway, something like that could have happened or, possibly, Mike decided to take it down. Like you, I respect his right to make that decision, but if he did decide to take it down, then I fervently hope that he or a qualified editor of his choice will turn Carmon's blog into a book. There's too much good stuff there not to share it with the world.

    1. I was hoping to go back and read more too. Sad that Caromon's blog isn't there anymore. She encouraged me to start taking tumeric for arthritis pain. Thanks to her I haven't needed drugs for pain for the past year.

  12. I just ran across this on google while looking for Carmon's old site so I could show a friend the ohotos of her yurt, her jewelry, and her beautiful writings...I knew Mike had taken it down, but had hoped for at least a remnant. Carmon had such a beautiful soul, I think of and miss her often, and wear the bracelet she gave me often, with much pride. She is souring with Eagles now, free from pain, free from worries. Greatly missed and loved by all who knew her, online or in person.
    I did locate this site, still in tact.


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