Monday, August 01, 2011

A matter of the utmost urgency

The sky opened up yesterday afternoon, and Levi immediately went into panic mode. Unlike Butch and Kadi, he wasn't afraid of the storm. Instead, despite the thunder and torrential rain, he banged against the back door and pleaded for me to let him outside -- immediately! I hesitated a moment or two, then, realizing it had been a while since he'd been outside to relieve himself, I decided to let him make a run for it.

And run he did, though clearly not for that reason. He ran as fast as he could go, his body low to the ground, feet scrabbling, on a straight path to a specific point not too far from the back fence, where he grabbed something in his teeth, then whirled around and headed  just as quickly back to the house. He'd gone out in the storm to rescue his "baby," the tattered remains of what was once a stuffed pink pig.

I dried Levi with a towel when he came back in, then he watched while I towel-dried the sopping wet "baby." He's a good boy, that dog.


  1. That Levi, no wonder we love him!
    My youngest son had a white thermal weave blankie that he carried until it was just a tattered ball of string. Even then, when I swapped it for one with a train on it (which he loved) I had to promise to keep the old blankie in a box in the closet in case of a "blankie emergency." Sounds like that's what happened to Levi.

  2. Awwwww! That's too precious!

  3. That boy is tooooo smart!!

  4. That is just too cute. I LOVE these doggie emergencies!!! They make me chuckle so hard! Mabel had one recently when the sun was in the "just right" spot on her sun baking blankie and the back door was closed! She threw such a fit!!!

  5. hmm, I commented on this and it's not here. I think that's so cute that Levi wanted to rescue his baby! The closest Spot ever came to something like that was when he wanted to bring Ball in the house when it was snowing.

  6. Lucylocket, he steals lots of things. Count yourself lucky that he didn't chew it.

    Writing My Novel, thanks for sharing that sweet memory.

    Duly Inspired and Pup, Levi says thanks.

    Holly, I don't blame Mabel for not wanting to waste a warm spot.

    Janet, sometimes I think Blogger eats comments. Sounds like Spot had the same kind of rescue-from-the-weather instincts that Levi did. And speaking of Ball, Levi has his eye on my next-door neighbor's yard. Her little pear tree had so much fruit on it that all the limbs broke, so yesterday she cut the tree down, but she didn't pick up all the pears that fell yet. In the grass they look like dozens of yellow-green tennis balls.

  7. I loved this story. Levi is one smart boy.


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