Sunday, May 15, 2011

Breakfast for supper

In the past few months several members of my family have embraced a low-carb lifestyle. My daughter Kim and I, both single, have teamed up to try new recipes for dinner twice a week. We take turns with the cooking, and, with a couple of notable exceptions, we've been pleased to learn that we can eat quite well without the sugars and starches we'd always craved.

Eating this way does require a little more effort. Cooking flavorful recipes is more difficult and time consuming than driving half a mile to pick up a burger and fries, and eating more fresh foods means shopping more frequently. So far it's been worth the extra effort.

Sometimes, though, I just don't want to give that much thought to what I'm going to eat. That happened one night recently when Kim and I had a dinner/TV night planned and I wasn't in the mood to cook.  "Would you be okay with something simple tonight, like bacon and eggs or an omelet?" I asked.

"Sure," Kim said, "but if you want breakfast, I do really good breakfasts. Would you let me cook breakfast for you?"

That night I learned to raise my expectations. Kim's breakfast was so spectacular I had to take a picture of it:

Crab cakes on a bed of fresh, steamed spinach,
topped with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce, with a side of fresh fruit.

This meal was delicious. It also clearly demonstrated why Kim's creativity has taken her to higher levels than I've ever attained: I think in bacon and eggs; she thinks in crab cakes.


  1. i am placinf my order now for a plate of those during my nexr visit.

  2. Oh yum!!! Your Kim is a talented lady!

  3. I am so hungry as I read this and now I'm even hungrier. That looks fantastic.

  4. Wow, all those things would be my favorites. I eat breakfast for dinner quite a lot. Natural blueberry granola, fresh blueberries and lemon yogurt tastes really good too.

  5. *moan* oh, that looks soooo good! Were the crab cakes made from scratch?

  6. Yuh uh uh ummmm!!! What's your address again? :)

  7. Oh my!! Much better than my scrambled eggs and toast! What a great idea...crab cakes with poached eggs on top. Your daughter is a genius.

    I think I'll go have breakfast now...I'm starving!!!xo


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