Thursday, July 15, 2010

Oops...I did it again!

The new design templates on Blogger offer too many possibilities for me to resist exploring them every couple of weeks. As pretty as I thought the last background was, all golden sun shining through trees, I found that the lights, shadows and busyness made the text harder to read. Maybe it was just a condition of my tired, old eyes, but I've decided to change it anyway. Today I'll go with a background I'll call "sun shining through a sparkling clean, glass window." Or, better yet, "butter."

I think this simpler look will do a better job of showing off photos featuring colors that clashed with the orange tones of the previous background. Photos like this one (can anyone tell me what kind of flower this is?):

It also occurred to me that the new background is very close to the color I painted some of the walls in my home. I searched for a long, long time to find the right yellow-gold to accent the neutral, mossy green I used on the rest of the walls, but this blog background color popped right off the chart at me. Maybe that's because it was so familiar.

I apologize if you're getting tired of seeing the frequent switch-ups here. I'll do my best to leave this alone for a while and spend the "design time" writing new posts instead.

My daughter and I were discussing a fairly colorful incident last night; maybe I'll tell you about that next.


  1. I'm just happy you are posting again. I come for the content.

    That's a trumpet flower, yes???

  2. Thanks, Holly, and you were right about the flower.

    I Googled "trumpet flower" after you suggested it and found this flower identified as an "angel's flower." I took the photo a couple of years ago at Houmas House plantation and had always wondered what it was.

  3. Velvet, YES! My mom calls the little ones trumpet flowers and they grow on a vine. The large ones tend to grow on shrubs and Mom calls them Angel's Trumpets.

  4. Glad Holly got it right-it looked a little like the Rose of Sharon I have growing (wild) in the back yard.

  5. Just read more about the angel's trumpet and discovered that all parts of the plant are toxic and that many people who ingested this plant as a hallucinogenic suffered serious consequences. I guess if I did a better job of keeping up with popular hallucinogenics, I'd have heard of this plant somewhere along the way.

    Janet, I Googled "rose of sharon" after you commented. It's beautiful, and I think you're lucky to have it growing wild.


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