Sunday, June 27, 2010


Today I changed the look of my blog for the third time in the four and a half years since I started it. Also for the fourth, fifth, and sixth times. All I wanted to do initially was try to widen the red paisley header I’ve used since September of 2007 so I could use wider columns in the blog.

That’s when I discovered that new blog templates had been added to Blogger and the old ones were nowhere to be found. Uh-oh. What was a lazy blogger to do next?

I quickly chose a new layout that coordinated nicely with the image in the old header and stuck with that for almost an hour. That’s how long it took to realize it wasn’t going to be simple to figure out how to center the image properly, and I couldn’t live with it being lopsided.

The old paisley image had to go, so I deleted it and left the red header bar, then added a matching red background. I liked the way the posts were set out on their own white areas, but the template faded large areas of the brick red to pink. I like pink but don’t like to live with it, so that look had to go, too.

By using the same template and removing the background altogether, I was left with neat, pale grey-white columns topped by the red header. I chopped the old red paisley image in half and stuck it in the sidebar, after which the page had a similar feel to the old blog. Except it looked much more professional. I kept it for a couple of hours. When I looked at it later, it looked so professional it felt sterile. Who knew red could appear cold?

Back to the template palette, I worked my way through dozens of possible combinations, searching for warmth and light. This is the final result. These golds and caramel browns are colors I’ve used in my home. I think this look is much more representative of who I am than any of the earlier designs.

Welcome to my sunlight and my shadows.


  1. I like this, the colors are easy on the eyes. I especially love the picture. Oh My! Its just beautiful. I know of someone who does free headers in blogger if you're interested. (she's another blogger from Virginia, Blue Ridge Gal, aka Snappy Di)

  2. Thanks, Val. I took the photo on my drive to work one summer. I miss the scenery but not the drive.

    Thanks for the header information, too; I'll save it for future reference. For now, a plain header is probably best for this busy new background.

  3. Hey Velvet, I have the link for you and she just posted a link to a website with some helpful info on how to navigate the new templates. Go here:

  4. Thanks for the link, Val. There's some good stuff there.

  5. Thanks, Holly. Butch's blindness keeps me from rearranging my furniture, so sprucing up the blog appealed to that need.

  6. Hey!! where's the Baby Butch photos??

  7. found 'em-in the Other Blogs I Enjoy list. Isn't that the wrong category for the Butch pics??

  8. Janet, I haven't moved the link to Butch's baby pics since I first added it. What's changed is that the title for that group of links used to be (unimaginatively) "Links." Seemed like a good place for it at the time, but I agree it doesn't fit there now. Some of the others don't fit, either.

    Hmm. I'll have to think about this.


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