Thursday, December 11, 2008

Southern surprise

My phone rang at 6:30 this morning, fifteen minutes after the alarm had sounded but before I'd managed to crawl out of the warm bed. It was my daughter, Kim, whose first words when I answered were, "Look out your window; it's snowing."

Local weather forecasters had predicted we'd have a "wintry mix" this morning, so I expected to see a few tiny flakes in the air. Instead, the ground was frosted white and the flakes were big, fat, fluffy ones. I've been in Louisiana for 30 years and have never seen more than a very light dusting of snow here, so this was exciting.

I couldn't wait to show it to Butch and Kadi. As I put on shoes and threw a coat over my bathrobe, I was sorry Butch wouldn't be able to see it and wondered how long it would take him to discover that something was different. Not long, it turned out. He hadn't taken more than three or four steps outside before he felt the snowflakes kissing his cheeks, pointed his nose skyward, wagged his tail, and turned around a few times with his head in the air.

Kadi, of course, noticed the white blanket and the falling flakes as soon as the door was open and raced outside into the thick of it. She played a while longer than usual before asking to come back inside.

After our first venture in the snow, we had to wait another hour before there was enough daylight to take pictures. Here's what my backyard looked like then:

A few minutes later, the snow still falling fast, I walked back through the house and out the front door. Here's the little patch of woods across the road:

The pretty tree at the right of this photo is my neighbor's pear tree:

By 1:00 in the afternoon, the snow had melted off of all the roads, a lot of the lawn, and most of the trees. This is how the backyard looked then:

If you look at Butch's footprints in this early afternoon shot, you can tell that we'd had at least two or three inches:

In fact, back near the garden shed, the snow was all the way up to Kadi's belly:


  1. I heard Louisiana got snow and wondered how the furkids liked it! Bet they were disappointed when it melted. Good thing they can't pester you asking when the snow is gonna come back again.

    *ahem* what global warming?

  2. Velvet, I was hoping for a post on the snow. My mom's neighborhood had five inches! They were all curled up by the fire having pancakes for breakfast when I called.

    I was working in shorts in my 75 degree shop....Sorry! I couldn't resist!

  3. I'm glad to hear you like I can send you some...I have plenty. It is pretty though...especially on Christmas Eve. I just don't care for the cold that has to come with it...seems like its a packaged deal.

  4. I too was hoping for a snowy post. It snowed here but nothing stuck. Still, the fat flakes were fun to watch as they swirled and fell. It's such a fabulous feeling to look at your photos and your pups. I love how Butch reacted! Big smiles.

  5. How exciting for the dogs, and for you too!
    I saw it in TV... of course we're used to that sort of thing here in Canada.... but Louisiana... WOW!

  6. Are ya still snowed in??? Apparently without the internet????!!!! LOL! Miss your posts!

  7. Ok Velvet only one day left till must have a story in you somewhere...

  8. Adorable dog! I feel the same way about my dogs, my house is not a home without them!


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