Sunday, June 01, 2008

Welcome distractions

I've spent most of the weekend watching TV (the Democratic Party delegate debate), reading (a new Harlan Coben mystery), catching up on writing book reviews (boy, was I behind), and playing with all the dogs (the granddogs spent Friday and Saturday nights with us). Now it's Sunday night and I'm doing last-minute laundry that I could have done Friday night.

I'm trying to keep my mind preoccupied with trivial stuff so I won't worry about my best boy, Butch. We visited the vet again Saturday morning, following up after he completed four weeks of antibiotics to treat his anal sac infection. The infection seems to have cleared up, and Butch doesn't have his head up under his tail nearly so often, so I know he's more comfortable than he was. That's the good news.

The bad news is that the vet says there's a mass in his rectal area that seems to involve more than swollen anal sacs. She thinks he has a tumor. She actually said the "C-word." I'll take him in Tuesday for a biopsy, which means putting him under anesthesia again. Considering the problems he had last time, that's a scary enough concept without even thinking about the possible results of the biopsy.

So, I won't let myself think about it yet. At least not much. He's in good spirits and doesn't seem to be in any pain, and I owe it to him to keep my attitude as positive as his is.

I'll keep you posted.


  1. Oh dear!!! This news took my breath away!

    I can tell you our first rottie, Mato, had a cancerous tumor near her anal sacs and it came out with no complication. She was around 11 years old (EXCEPTIONALLY old for a rott) and lived several more very good years before old age got the best of her.

    I will be out of town all week but I will keep you, Butch and Kadi in my thoughts and prayers!

    Take care Velvet!

  2. I do the same things you do....get all involved reading and put off doing the necessary things. As I'm writing this my last load of clothes are drying and then I still have to shower and wash my hair to be ready for the work day tomorrow. Yes...I read most of the day and did finish the book. Hold Tight by Harlan Coban. Not quite as good as his past ones...but still very good at holding your interest. I'm so sorry about Butch...that sweet boy will be in my prayers.

  3. Holly, thank you SO much for telling me about Mato. That's exactly the kind of encouraging information I need right now.

    Val, "Hold Tight" is the book I'm reading, too. Do we belong to the same book club maybe?

    Thank you both for your prayers for my furboy.

  4. Many, many prayers and good wishes for Butch and for you too. Please let us know how everything goes. Carmon

  5. You and Butch have my thoughts and prayers! I hope it's nothing.

  6. Velvet, I have heard that sometimes when there have been numerous infections, scar tissue eventually builds up and it looks and feels like a tumor, much like an abcess can calcify around it after a long time. Keep your hopes up. As long as they know what and how much anesthesia to give now, he certainly will be alright! I will say lots of prayers for Butch.

  7. Oh, what worrisome news. Poor Butchie. Poor Velvet. I'm encouraged by what Holly and Nan said. I'll be watching for updates, give Butch a hug and kiss from me! (and give Kadi one too so she doesn't feel left out.)

  8. I'm going to go with positive thoughts. Lots of them and energy coming your way (and Butch's as well!!!)

  9. Thinking about you and Butch today.


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